Bullseye: Shooting Range Targets GoCanvas to Go Paperless on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on February 13, 2012

Canvas Apps for Shooting Range

GoCanvas has made its home on the range…the shooting range that is.  A pawn shop and shooting range based in Alabama has kicked into high tech gear by equipping their iPads with GoCanvas mobile apps.

The range has replaced paper with GoCanvas in processing customers who are applying for shooting memberships. A customer simply picks up an iPad at the counter and selects from one of three apps:  New Customer, Repeat Customer, and Range Exit.  Each of the apps includes clear instructions using static text fields to explain how to fill out the app and submit it.

The added benefit of using apps instead of paper forms is that GoCanvas allows you to make certain fields required so that a user has to enter information for them. This is particularly important for shooting ranges, as it forces the customer to confirm that they understand and agree to abide by the rules enumerated in the app. The user then selects the shooting membership she’d like to purchase, reviews the fine print and signs and dates the app to finish.

The range owner has enabled functionality that automatically emails each submission to the admin’s address. These soft copies are then saved to the shop’s internal filing system, but it’s comforting to know that all the submissions are saved in the range’s online GoCanvas account for quick retrieval.

This customer was kind enough to share its apps in our Application Store for others to use. Check them out here!