Building Sciences Co. Uses iPhones & BlackBerrys to Automate Field Staff -Featured GoCanvas Subscrib

By Joe Gatto on March 14, 2011

iphones for Building SciencesThe field of Building Science is the study of the interaction between the various materials, products and systems used in building construction, the occupants of these buildings, and the environments in which they are located. Scientific information is collected that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical occurrences affecting buildings. It traditionally includes the detailed analysis of building materials and building envelope systems. The term “Building Envelope” refers to any part of the building that creates a boundary between indoor and outdoor space. The practical purpose of building science is to prevent and resolve problems related to building design, construction and operation.

Our latest featured GoCanvas subscriber has over 50 years of combined experience in Building Envelope Consulting in the field of Building Envelope Inspection on iPhonesConstruction. They provide complete building envelope and roofing inspections of various properties including new construction and restoration projects. Prior to GoCanvas this data was being collected on various paper forms which included all of the typical inefficiencies, latencies in getting data back to the office for analysis, and illegible content. They have recently implemented GoCanvas and are performing roof inspections and building audits using a combination of iPhones and Blackberry devices.  Today, data is being obtained via their Smartphones in a very efficient manner and more importantly the data is accurate and delivered back to the office in real-time for more effective project management.

This is yet another prime example of how GoCanvas is helping businesses across all industries and around the world in efficiently performing various inspection and audit functions from your Smartphone or Tablet! Join the mobile app revolution and change the way you do business!