Build Your Mobile App: GoCanvas Features 101

By katie simpson on September 16, 2013

You’re interested in creating your own custom mobile business app.  But, with so many features, where do you begin? What features does your organization need? Let us explain Canvas’ variety of features, and help you decide what’s best for you.

Stressed Out?No need to stress! GoCanvas is here to help


1.Our organization struggles becauses it takes time telling our remote workers what they need to know, where their work is, and what they will be doing.

For these organizations, our Dispatch functionality is a perfect fit. Dispatch allows you to send pre-populated apps to your users in the field. This feature gives your workers important information right on their phone.

Worried your users won’t get the information? GoCanvas notifies your user, and show the information as they open the app. Even better, admins can see when their dispatch has been received. There’s no room for confusion with Dispatch.


They can see the app, and fill it out just as they normally would. If your organization has remote workers, save time with this amazing feature.

Here’s some more info on how to use Dispatch

2. My customers ask for copies of their work order or invoices long after we’ve done the work. I need a way to easily store and send their documents to them.

We’ve all lost old forms or receipts. Every GoCanvas app submission generates a .pdf automatically that you can send to your clients or employees. With inboxes stuffed to the brim, emails can get lost, too. To solve this potential data loss, we created MyCanvas.

MyCanvas gives customers of GoCanvas subscribers a personal storage locker of data. At no cost, your customers can access any forms or receipts that have been sent to their email. Instead of calling your heating company about the last time you serviced their heater, they can search for their receipt on our server. Customers can access these documents whenever and wherever. We understand that satisfying your clients is your top priority. We’re here to make that easy.

MyCanvas doesn’t just help your customers, but also your organization. This feature saves organizations time by no longer needing to track down old wayward customer receipts or forms. It’s an added value not only for you but your customers too!

3. Filling out information digitally is great, but I need to use my own data as well. I don’t want to carry my inventory book with me too!

With GoCanvas, integrating your reference data with our apps is not a problem. We make it easy to upload and use reference data in your mobile apps. From inventory to accounting codes, we’ve done it all. First, upload the reference data up to the cloud. Then, go into the app builder and map it to the field you want to use. You can upload a csv file or use our web services.

By using reference data, ensure that your users accurately price goods, order the correct parts, or enter the right inventory code. We want to add onto the information you already have, not make you start again. Our reference data option helps organizations reduce errors and save time collecting data.

Read more about how reference data can help you add specific business information to your mobile app

4. The image capture, signature, or GPS are great, but I haven’t needed those in the past. Why should I use them with my forms now?

We’re not only replacing your forms, but expanding the way you collect data. While we love saving you time, we’re excited about how much more you can do because of our apps.

Are you a pet grooming business? Take before and after photos to share with their owners. Do you help improve people’s homes? Include GPS capture on your form. Compile your customers locations, put them on a map and see where you have new opportunities for growth. It’s easy with GoCanvas.

We love saving you time and money, but our mobile apps do more than reduce the hassle of paper. Data shouldn’t hold you back, but help your organization go further. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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