Boost Your Productivity: Integration With GoCanvas

By Guest Blogger on July 2, 2014

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Editor's note: This is a guest post from Todd Nuckols. Todd is VP of Business Development for Enterbridge Technologies (a GoCanvas partner), which revolutionizes enterprise businesses by helping its clients integrate cutting edge products and seamless mobile solutions. Todd has over 20 years of SaaS and enterprise mobility experience and is passionate about entrepreneurial development and the intersection of innovation and local communities.

GoCanvas is an exceptional tool for data acquisition on any smart mobile device.  It delivers on its promise to make the process of enabling mobility easier, faster and cheaper.  In fact, GoCanvas allows you to control reference data, dispatch and your submissions. Hopefully, you already enjoy many of the benefits of the GoCanvas platform.

But what if you could seamlessly transition from your systems to GoCanvas and back? You'd save even more time and money!

Well you can have that seamless experience with integration. Integration allows you to take advantage of special services, REST APIs, to integrate GoCanvas directly into virtually any system. 

What are the benefits to integrating?

You'll be able to say goodbye to:

  • double keying
  • missing or incorrect data
  • inconsistent timing in dispatch functions

In fact, integration can provide for seamless submission reporting, on-site backup, reference data management, dispatch, invoicing, accounting management and real-time business metrics to power your business.

With integration you can do even more in the same 40 hour work week, furthering your savings with GoCanvas. 

What do you need to know to integrate with GoCanvas?

Do the systems you have already support web service or SDK (software development toolkit) integration?

Like Salesforce, many systems support machine integration through web services. If your products already have service and SDK support, then you're well on your way to an integrated future.

Do your systems support certain types of integration files? 

In many cases, some systems have import and export functions that create CSV or Excel files.  GoCanvas can be integrated directly through these files.  In many cases, the files can be created automatically or GoCanvas data and functions can be accessed directly from Excel. 

This may not be a fully automated solution as you may still have to create that export or run the import from your system but having those custom files already properly formatted and available can save you time with complicated Excel macros or having to change the standard GoCanvas CSV extract every time.

How will you test your integration?

This may not be an obvious issue but you need to test any integration. If you only have production systems without test databases or special accounts that you can use that avoid other processing, such as posting to your financials, then integration can be a challenge. Make sure you understand your plan for testing your integration and knowing what you need to do should it fail for whatever reason.

Will you install integration software locally or rely on a hosted solution? 

In some cases, integration means you will need to have a special piece of software created to enable your system to talk to GoCanvas. Often you have two options for implementing this software.  Install it locally on a server or desktop in your office that is always connected to the Internet or have it hosted like GoCanvas is hosted.

You will still need to provide the right level of access to your systems to complete any integration but sometimes hosting a solution is the right call as it can spread out your costs month to month.

Unfortunately, integration is often not as easy as creating your first GoCanvas application. But in the end, integrated solutions can save you time and money and allow you to focus on running your business and serving your clients!  Integration comes in many shapes and sizes from direct access to GoCanvas data through Excel to complicated dispatching systems or sophisticated business intelligence solutions.

The bottom line? If you are looking to save more time, then integration may be the answer.  You may be surprised what you can accomplish with an integrated GoCanvas solution.  And if you need help, your GoCanvas consultant can point you to talented integrators that can lead you through the process and deliver value quickly.  

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