Booming Solar: What Does it Take to be Competitive in 2015 and Beyond? (Podcast)

By katie simpson on September 17, 2014

We’re excited to announce our new podcast: Industry Insight. We’re going to be talking to experts in variety of fields to help keep you in the know and prepared for the future.

Today, we share a recent talk with Pamela Cargill, a solar industry expert and founder of Chaolysti. Pamela has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial solar. In this podcast we discuss:

  • What have been the solar industry’s successes and struggles?
  • Can software or financial firms be an assest to solar companies? 
  • What are the risks for solar in 2015 and beyond? 
  • How should solar companies think strategically for future success?

 Find out in our podcast below! 

See more of Pamela’s work here.

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