Bolt-Spec Turns to GoCanvas, iPhones, & Droid Phones for Mobile Timesheets, Work Orders and More!

By Jason Good on September 24, 2012

For over 35 years Delaware’s Bolt-Spec has been solving bolting problems for a wide variety of customers.  They are a specialized contractor providing on-site bolting and machining, induction bolt-heating, calibration services and product sales and rentals.  They focus on one area of expertise and are therefore able to provide high-quality solutions that are completed safely and efficiently.  They stick to what they know and they do it well!  When it was time to replace their paper forms and processes they turned to an expert (Ahem…CANVAS!).  GoCanvas provided them the ability to customize mobile solutions for their specific line of work.  When experts collide great things can happen!

Bolt-Spec had been using paper forms for decades.  But with powerful mobile smartphones in their pockets, they figured there must be a way to capture their data electronically and transmit it instantly instead of carting around a clipboard with a stack of forms.  If you can put 10,000 songs on an iPhone then surely you don’t need a clipboard anymore, right?  Of course!

Bolt-Spec now has 7 customized GoCanvas Apps for their team to use.  Each user just has to grab his or her phone, open the GoCanvas Smart Client (App) on their phone, and choose the mobile form (Canvas App) they need to fill out!  No more bulky clipboard!  No more digging through the truck to find a pen that works!  No more illegible handwriting!  And the office gets their “paperwork” instantly instead of waiting for it to arrive in the truck days later. 

They have an Equipment Repair Ticket App, Timesheet App, Equipment Rental Agreement App, Work Order App and a couple of other specialized Apps.  They have taken advantage of some of Canvas’s most powerful features to make using paper forms seem pretty silly.  Pictures are inserted into their Equipment Repair Ticket App along with the technician’s signature.  Their Work Order App (Called a Job Voucher) has a work order number assigned to each one using Canvas’s Submission Numbering feature.  This places a unique number at the top of each form just like they had on their old paper forms. Invoice numbers, job numbers, work order numbers, etc. are great ways to track things and GoCanvas will handle the numbering for you!  Their Timesheet App keeps track of time spent on the job.  Time fields and calculation fields are great for this sort of thing when using GoCanvas.

GoCanvas offers a single solution for multiple needs.  You could download an Invoice App and a Timesheet App and a Work Order App, but then you have 3 separate solutions for 1 basic challenge (Replacing paper forms).  GoCanvas gives you one solution and you can customize it completely for how you do business!

To be in business over 35 years a company has to be doing a lot of things right.  Bolt-Spec has changed a lot over the years to adapt to an ever-changing world.  Their use of the latest mobile technology is just another way they are adapting and improving the way they do business.

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