Best Practices for Saving Money with Mobile Business Apps

By preva jackson on November 20, 2013

 “Hey Preva, mobile apps aren’t cheap. How will they save me money?”

 People ask me that question nearly every day. It’s an understandable one. You run a business: change can cost you time and money. You need some good reasons to make the change. Here are a three ways going mobile will save you time and money. 

One: Faster Sales Cycles 

What service do you provide? From landscaping to catering, you have a sales cycle. You know how long it takes to close a sale. Perhaps you have an initial consultation, the work, then hours to create a bill.  

This cycle takes time, especially at the end. Do you mail the bill or email it? Either way, you don’t get paid right as you do the work, but maybe a week or a month later. How much of that time is waiting? How often has a crucial invoice gone missing?  A work order or estimate app at your fingertips in a smartphone or tablet can be a huge help.

For instance, you can create your estimate or invoice on your smartphone while on site with the customer. With real time access via the cloud, your accounts department can have access to it instantly (even in your own database). Mobile apps give you faster billings leading to faster turnaround time and that results in a huge ROI. One app just freed up hours of your time and made your billing process faster. Nice isn’t it?

Two: No More Data Entry. Ever.

No, you aren’t dreaming. This is not only possible but achievable with a mobile app. How? When you use a mobile app, any time you fill out a submission, from an inspection to a checklist, it goes straight to the cloud. But many mobile business apps also have services to integrate the cloud into your databases. Which means any time a form goes to the cloud, it also goes straight into your server.

That’s right, fill out the form once and you’re done. I can already hear you imagining how to reallocate your time and money. That worker you pay 20-30,000 a year can now be out in the field. No more late nights for you struggling over illegible forms and damaged invoices. No more chasing down remote workers to find missing information. Sleep more, get more work done, and even find those knots in your neck unwinding (and less chiropractor bills)! 

Three: More Accurate Data 

We all make mistakes, it happens. In business with paper forms? Those mistakes can be costly. From a ripped inspection to a miscalculation, these errors take time to fix. Mobile apps can prevent many of these errors from ever happening.

First, there’s the protection in the cloud. Once a submission goes up, it won’t be subject to life in a messy car or spilled coffee. Second, you’ll get better quality data from mobile apps. You can make fields required so the form can’t be submitted without those fields. Use our barcode scanner to inspect the right equipment every time.  Let the app calculate your totals for invoices or purchase orders (the difference between 50 and 500 is more than one zero!) Mobile apps harness the power of smart devices so you can make the best decisions for your business.

It Costs Less than You Think

That’s great you say, but what about the cost of getting devices? Do I have to buy a ton of new phones and tablets just to use these apps?? Most business apps work across platforms such as iOS, Android, even Blackberry! There’s no need for a heavy investment: Use the devices you already own and love. 

So if you are a tinker, tailor, baker, or builder you can chop cost out of your business with mobile business apps. Check out our Return On Investment Calculator and see how much you could save by going mobile. Chances are the results will get you thinking about where in your business you could cut costs and improve efficiency.