Best Practices for Implementing Mobile in Enterprise

By Michael Benedict on December 23, 2013

Enterprises are embracing mobile in a big way. A recent survey by CDW showed that 62% of enterprise businesses have already adopted mobile in the workplace. Mobile devices can transform the way enterprises collect and share data.  Don’t jump in just yet! Here are some best practices to consider:

Know Your Users.  

This sounds obvious, right? But it’s important to know who your users are and how they will collect data.


(Tandguladze, source)

Some questions to ask include: Which divisions within your organization will benefit the most from mobile? What kinds of data are they capturing and how will the share it? Do they need constant connectivity? How comfortable are users with using mobile?  How will you facilitate the use of mobile?  

Identify and Crush Redundancy

With multiple divisions needing to implement mobile, you need to understand all the steps involved with data collection. How is the data collected? Who summarizes it?  How and where is it stored? How do users access it? Many enterprise businesses use shockingly old school approaches and involve a number of implementers and touch points.

Mobile apps allow many users to collect data while blocking access to huge stores of data. You can also control who access which forms. You can choose who gets to access what with a few clicks. Mobile opens the opportunity for enterprises to rethink entire business processes.

Decide Who Needs to Be In The Know 

Implementing mobile at the enterprise level means a lot of data can be shared quickly and easily.  How will you control and delineate between data collectors and data users? Are they different?  If your company is publicly traded, these questions take on a whole new level of interest and sense of urgency to define.  

Take the time to think through and implement best practices for your organization.  These questions are just to get you going, but remember this – Mobile facilitates data collection in ways unthinkable until recently. It requires careful planning and implementation to ensure data is wisely used. 

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