Plumbing Apps that will Help Your Business

By Nick Mirisis on December 16, 2019
Tags: Data Collection

4 Plumbing Apps That Will Help Your Business

Businesses that perform residential repair and installation services need technology that supports fieldwork. This is especially true for the fast-paced plumbing industry. With new mobile applications available for plumbing businesses, you can improve your business productivity by taking advantage of the latest technology. Here are four apps that are must-haves for any plumbing business. 

Mobile Work Order Invoice App

Keeping track of what is needed at various job sites can be difficult for growing plumbing businesses. With the Plumbing Service Estimate, you can detail the work needed at each specific job location. This app also has the capacity to calculate the total cost due for the customer, making each job’s costs more transparent for the client and your employees. With your Square-enabled GoCanvas apps, you can collect payments on-site, making the entire billing process instantaneous for your plumbing business. 

Plumbing Inspection Checklists

Whether you are working on a new installation, repair, or renovation, the Mobile Plumbing Inspection Checklist will help your techs quickly inspect areas such as the backwater valve, grade, water closets, clean outs, gas lines and much more. Inspection checklists can record when attention is needed to a plumbing site, and the details that these records contain can inform your clients of needed repairs. Without the risk of lost or damaged forms, you can document your plumbing inspection with confidence using this mobile application. 

Septic Inspection Report

The Septic Inspection Report is designed for use with any type of septic tank system yet can be easily customizable to suit your needs. It covers all the essentials such as confirming the septic system is at a proper distance from the dwelling, tanks are free of structural defects, confirmation of system functionality and much more. The app provides a certification confirmation as well. All reports are stored in the cloud, so can be accessed easily in the future from any mobile device. 

Plumbing Dispatch Calendar

Optimizing and organizing the time and travel of plumbers within your company is key to running a profitable and successful plumbing business. The GoCanvas Dispatch Calendar can be used to keep track of jobs completed and assign new visits to your employees. You can fill customer information and job addresses directly into the task so that your plumbing professionals in the field know where they are going next. When a job is complete, you can assign the next task, organizing visits based on which area is nearest to their next jobs. 

Benefits of Going Paperless in Your Plumbing Business

Plumbing visits are often completed back-to-back, leaving plumbing experts with limited time and resources to fill out paperwork in between each visit. Mobile apps make this process easier by allowing you to complete necessary documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. Once completed, a PDF is generated that is automatically sent back to the office as well as to the designated customer, meaning your techs don’t have to drive back to the office to drop off their paperwork. Another benefit? You can complete and save forms offline, in case you’re working in an area with limited cellular or WIFI access. 

Features on Mobile Plumbing Apps

The features available on mobile plumbing applications are what truly elevate paperless processes above more standard methods of data collection. One advanced feature that you can take advantage of is GPS recording. Recording your GPS data during a plumbing visit will serve as a location confirmation stamp for your completed work. You can also use image features, which allow you to take and add photographs to your forms, which is especially helpful when completing estimates.  This lets you capture damages, mark safety hazards, and record before/after photos. 

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