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5 Best Construction Inspection Templates

By The GoCanvas Team on September 16, 2021

man on construction site looking at digital tablet device

Many jobs in construction require daily, weekly, and monthly inspections for safety compliance and project management tasks. This article covers some of the most common construction inspection types and templates that can be used to simplify the process.


Why use a construction inspection template?

Inspection templates are helpful to use so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Paper forms and Word documents are one way to create a template, but many companies are moving toward inspection software and mobile forms to make it easier to manage. 

A construction inspection template is typically a pre-built form that is available within the inspection software platform that has many of the fields that you would need to collect for that particular inspection type. Templates are generally meant to be customized, so you can input any project or client specific details that are required. Most inspection software templates are very simple to customize, using a drag-and-drop editor to make the template customizations online. 

Once the template is created, it’s available to inspectors or managers in the field who can go through the checklist items using a mobile device and a PDF report is generated once finished.

Using inspection templates helps to ensure that data is collected in a standard way and required fields are never left blank. Inspection software and forms help bring all of the inspection forms into a central, cloud-based system that is easy to access and easy to share the information with all project stakeholders. 

GoCanvas has worked with leading construction companies to digitize their forms and streamline operational tasks. All of our inspection templates are designed to work with other forms you use on the job site, like work orders, safety meetings, contracts, and more. Follow the links below for some of the most common inspection templates and register for a GoCanvas free trial to see how the product works. 


1. Daily Site Inspection Template

Daily site inspections are used on many construction projects to report on the daily progress updates for that job site. This gives management and clients a report to communicate the work being done in the field.

Construction firms are going digital with these daily site inspections, with apps to help make the entire daily reporting process painless for site managers. The daily site inspection app from GoCanvas is used to document weather conditions, monitor who has been on site for the day, collect notes for the project, capture images of any issues, and much more. 

Access the Daily Site Inspection template here and use our no-code builder to easily customize the form to include other relevant information for your job sites.


worksite inspection checklist template



2. Building Inspection Template

Building inspections are often required to report on the overall condition and safety of the buildings according to their permits and code. The building inspection app from GoCanvas makes it easy to ensure that buildings are in compliance with permit issuance and do not have code violations.

Building inspectors can use the simple checklists and forms on their mobile devices or tablets, collecting the required information and automatically generating a branded report once they are finished. This app can also be used in conjunction with work orders, making it simple to assign follow up corrective actions after an inspection has been completed.

Access the Building Inspection template here to see how GoCanvas can help save your business time and money by streamlining how you collect and report on information digitally.


building inspection template form



3. Equipment Inspection Template

Construction equipment operators and teams that are responsible for preventative maintenance can use the equipment inspection template from GoCanvas to perform complete equipment safety checklists on a mobile device or tablet. 

The template is useful to ensure that heavy construction equipment is in good condition and to identify any issues that require attention. This template can also be used to ensure that your workplace is in compliance with OSHA standards for heavy equipment safety.

Access the Equipment Inspection template here and use the GoCanvas form builder to modify the template to be used across different types of equipment and job sites.


equipment inspection template form




4. Quality Control Inspection Template

Quality control inspections are designed to check for quality standards and advise where corrective action is needed. This QC template from GoCanvas can be used for many different purposes, including construction projects, building code, work environment, welding processes, environmental monitoring, and more.

Going digital with quality control inspections helps to instantly capture, record, and update quality audits with regards to quality standards in real time during the inspection process. Once the QC inspection template checklist has been completed using a mobile device, a PDF is automatically generated that can be emailed and is stored in the GoCanvas Cloud account for easy access.

Access the Quality Control Inspection template here.


quality control inspection template




5. Safety Inspection Template

Job site safety inspections are designed to ensure OSHA compliance and best practices are followed in terms of worker safety. This safety inspection template from GoCanvas can be used as a reporting tool for hazard analysis, identifying pertinent safety issues and working conditions for employees.

The safety inspection template can be used on a mobile device so that safety inspectors, safety managers, general contractors and project managers, any contractor or site inspector can use the app to quickly and easily complete site inspections and send the results directly to the project managers and the safety compliance team. 

Access the Safety Inspection template here for an easy-to-use digital inspection app that can help to keep workers safe and productive on the job site.


safety inspection checklist form