Barking Heads & Meowing Heads uses GoCanvas to help Control and Monitor Distribution Channels on iOS

By andy adams on May 17, 2012

Barking Heads and Meowing Heads Mobile Apps Canvas

Barking Heads and Meowing Heads, a natural dry dog food and dry cat food company based out of Britain, has started using GoCanvas to more effectively gather and manage information about distributors and customers. Utilizing iOS technology, they have implemented a series of mobile forms which capture all relevant data and deliver it back to the company instantaneously.

Previously, customers and distributors would be asked a series of questions which would be recorded on paper before being stored for later reference. By capturing data electronically, not only is this company saving paper but they are also saving time on both the process of storing and retrieving information. This in turn helps them monitor distributors and develop more informed personal relationships with their clients and their pets!

Barking Heads and Meowing Heads Mobile Apps Canvas

As a natural food specialist, Barking Heads & Meowing Heads recognizes that your final product is only as good as the ingredients you put in.  It is in that spirit they have utilized these GoCanvas apps to improve the efficiency accuracy of their information gathering processes!

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