7 Ways to Create Barcode Scanning Mobile Apps

By keith bateman on April 19, 2016


The ability to scan barcodes/qr codes with a mobile device and app and have info automatically fill several fields in your form/app is extremely powerful. Barcode scanning technology used to be expensive and complicated to set up. Having the ability to incorporate this functionality into your GoCanvas App (and set this up yourself) is a huge time and money saver. And with barcode scanning functionality available in most mobile devices through the device’s camera functionality, you don’t even need a separate barcode scanner.

If you are unsure on how to setup barcode scanning mobile app functionality in your GoCanvas Apps, click here.

With GoCanvas and your mobile device, there is obviously more than one way to do anything. So I have done my best to compile my top 7 ways to use the GoCanvas barcode scanner app functionality!

Daily Work Orders 

Many customers use GoCanvas on their cell phones or tablets to capture a daily report of what is going on at their project sites. In order to make the process easier to capture the materials that were used on-site that day, subscribers use a bar code field to scan each item they used that day. If set up properly, this will automatically populate the item name, description, and serial number for each material. All the user has to do then is type in the quantity they actually used, note any damage, and indicate additional quantity needed for the project. No expensive barcode reader needed!

Pest Inspections

For many of our pest inspection clients, they are using very specific types of chemicals in order to treat different types of infestations. By law, it is extremely important that they document the correct type, amount, application method, concentration, and EPA number each time they do a job. By scanning barcodes with their GoCanvas App and mobile device, they can scan the bar code on the specific chemicals they use and it will accurately auto-fill 4 out of the 5 required boxes each time. This cuts down on a number of mistakes that normally happen when manually writing down each chemicals’ details on paper, and reduces the total time each job takes!

Safety Checklists

We have many companies that will equip their safety staff with GoCanvas and a simple-to-use mobile application that allows them to quickly investigate accidents in their facilities. They set up QR codes within each room of the facility so that whenever an incident does occur, all the safety officer has to do is scan the bar code. Scanning barcodes will pull all the information of the location automatically, “1st Floor – Building A – Lab – Room 332”, and then the safety officer will simply input the details of the incident. This ensures that all critical information can be quickly and accurately recorded and reported.

Track Inventory 

Keeping accurate counts of what is actually in stock is critical to several types of businesses. With GoCanvas, these businesses use the barcode scanning and loop screen functionalities to take a quick daily inventory of what is still on their truck at the end of the day. Once they have scanned all the items and quantities in, they will send that information off to the warehouse so they know what load up before the start of the next day. This kind of inventory management can be a huge competitive advantage.

Daily Time Logs

With GoCanvas’ mobile barcode scan functionality, it can be even easier to keep track of employees and their time. If you create a Daily Time Log, and your employees have ID cards with standard barcodes on them, GoCanvas has the ability to scan those IDs and pre-populate key pieces of information like Employee Name, Date of Birth, Rate of Pay, etc. From there they can enter in their time in/out and submit!

 Fire Safety Checklists

Fire alarm and inspection companies love GoCanvas for the ability to speed up the way they perform their building inspections. These fire inspections can be incredibly tedious because you must write down the tag number, fill out the details of the tank, test it, and then move onto the next one. With GoCanvas barcode scanning mobile apps, these companies can skip the step of having to fill out all the intricate details. If you have a database or excel list of the tank numbers and their details, you can load that directly into GoCanvas and have the details automatically pre-populate when scanning barcodes.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections are a part of almost every company. For our clients in the service industry, having a working vehicle is almost 100% necessary to their business. That is why these companies are implementing GoCanvas to automate this process and make sure they get the information back on-time, every time. By using barcode scanning with their GoCanvas App, all the vehicle driver has to do is scan the VIN and perform the inspection! He or she can take photos, fill out a checklist, and more. No more guessing about what happened to “Vehicle 123’s” bumper last week or why that $100,000 piece of equipment won’t move anymore.

Want to try one of the above or explore a new use case to scan barcodes? Give us a try!

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