How Do I Apply for Federal Loans?

You can apply for most federal loans through your local bank or credit union. If you have an established relationship with a particular bank, you can reach out to them for assistance with navigating and completing the application process. Learn more about other resources available to small businesses.

By Chip Phillips on May 11, 2020

How Do I Track My Federal Loan Applications?

Some banks have small business account homepages on their website, with dashboards for your lines of credit and outstanding loan applications, while others will send email updates as the application is being processed. 

By Chip Phillips on May 11, 2020

When Will I Receive Money From A Federal Loan?

With the current increase in the number of available programs and loan applications, it is difficult to estimate exact times for processing and receiving money from federal loans. 

By Chip Phillips on May 11, 2020

How Much Funding Should I Ask for When Applying for Federal Loans?

The amount of money to request when applying for federal loans during the COVID-19 pandemic depends on the type of loan and the intended use of the funds.

By Chip Phillips on May 11, 2020

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Launch Employee Health Screenings

Employee health screenings for coronavirus are vital for companies who are returning to the workplace. But it’s not enough to just screen as you see fit; following best practices for these screenings can greatly reduce exposure risks to your staff and customers.

By Chip Phillips on May 8, 2020

Simple Steps to Implement Safety Procedures and Reduce Employee Risk

Across businesses and communities everywhere, new guidelines and protocols are being recommended and implemented to keep people safe. Making sure your team follows them is critical to reducing employee risk.

By Chip Phillips on May 1, 2020
Person adjusting rubber gloves in front of a sink.

Employee Health Screening: What You Need to Know to Reduce Risk

With the current challenges facing businesses, the term “employee health screening” is being use a lot. But what exactly are employee health screenings and how should a business implement them?

By Chip Phillips on April 24, 2020