Australian Skin Therapy Center Removes the Wrinkles of a Paper Trail: Uses GoCanvas on iOS

By andy adams on August 23, 2012

Skin Therapy Mobile Apps on Canvas

A prominent Australian Skin Therapy Clinic has begun utilizing GoCanvas to capture patient information and medical procedures through custom GoCanvas apps, deployed on iPads.

Until recently this clinic, like most, would capture all patient information and record history of all medical procedures on paper, which they’d then index and store on site, as paper based files.  Recently, they began to convert some of the key information into electronic files, in order to pull it up more efficiently.  Naturally, the next step in improving data collection and retrieval was to make all records electronic, eliminating the need for conversion of paper forms.  To do this they turned to Canvas’s custom mobile apps.

By converting the relevant forms, as well as the possible responses for certain fields, they were able to create custom apps which not only capture data and index it for retrieval automatically, but actually cut down on the time of data collection.  These apps also help to prevent clinical error, as certain all medications and treatments are paired with an exact appropriate dosage for reference by all members of the medical staff.  Once all relevant information is captured in an app, it is then signed directly on the iPad by Doctor, staff, or patient, depending upon the form.  The information is then sent directly to Canvas’s secure server and automatically indexed and stored.  All data from the day of the first submission, to the most recent submission is available on the site, directly through their account!

In medicine, like many other industries, information being both accurate and timely is vital to success, both for the professional and the client.  We’re proud to offer technology and functionality to help aid in both of these areas.  For your own custom app, sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial and Send us Your Form!  Or check out our Application Store to see how other professionals in your field are saving time, money, and more.