Australian Grassroots Group Recognized By GoCanvas As Top Non-Profit For Innovative Use Of Mobile Te

By James W Quigley on August 1, 2012

Australian Grassroots Group Recognized By GoCanvas As Top Non-Profit For Innovative Use Of Mobile Technology

 New Ante Up program, created to provide Canvas’ mobile app expertise and resources to deserving non-profit, honors the Dandelion Support Network

Ante Up and Canvas RESTON, VA, July 30, 2012Canvas, which provides a technology platform for any business to easily create, connect and collaborate around mobile business apps, today announced that The Dandelion Support Network, an Australian non-profit organization dedicated to providing second-hand baby equipment to families in need, has been recognized as the inaugural GoCanvas Ante Up Organization of the Year.

 Canvas’ cloud-based solution enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively find, customize and publish business apps for mobile devices. The Ante Up Program was launched earlier this year with a mission to leverage Canvas’ mobile app development expertise and resources to help transform non-profit organizations with mobile technology.

 “As non-profits from around the world began sharing their remarkable and inspirational stories of how they’ve used GoCanvas mobile apps to positively impact their communities, we were floored,” said James Quigley, CEO at GoCanvas.

“The Dandelion Support Network truly represents what our new Ante Up program is all about: lowering the barrier to entry for organizations to benefit from mobile technology, in this case so volunteers are able to focus on the real work of reaching more people and helping families in need.”

 The Dandelion Support Network officially launched in December 2011, and to quickly meet growing demand from support agencies for second-hand baby equipment it required a technology solution that could be deployed quickly, inexpensively, and was flexible enough to adapt to the dynamically changing needs of a growing not for profit.

 “Canvas has, in just a few months, become the technology lifeblood of our organization. By building our database around the Canvas’ interface, we’ve been able to easily scale our volunteer efforts, double our number of branches and support more families,” said Rachael Stott, Co-Founder of The Dandelion Support Network. “Since replacing our paper forms with GoCanvas mobile apps, our compliance checks have become faster and more accurate, we can sign up new volunteers on the spot from any location, and we have saved countless hours and resources by eliminating costly manual processes.” 

 The GoCanvas cloud-based mobile platform enables organizations to download, customize and create mobile apps that replace paper forms and paper-intensive processes. By building its product database around Canvas’ cloud-based mobile app platform, Dandelion has been able to rapidly add new mobile apps and capabilities, including:


  • Image capture – Complying with safety standards for baby goods and equipment is a monumental challenge for social support organizations. By easily adding an ‘image capture’ capability and making these images accessible remotely, Dandelion is able to grow geographically by enabling them to audit the work of multiple branches from afar. 
  • Bar coding and GPS – As Dandelion handles a greater volume of baby products, inventory management is critical. The bar coding and GPS functionality captures product bar codes to not only maintain an inventory database of goods, but to easily track where a product was sent, the volume of inventory on hand, who conducted the safety check and whether the product is need of repair.

 The Dandelion Support Network was chosen from several truly remarkable global organizations and initiatives that have turned to GoCanvas mobile apps to support their mission, including: health care organizations in third world countries, and organizations focused on witnessing fair elections. The organization’s founders were honored at a special event held at Canvas’s headquarters on July 30th in Reston VA, where Rachael Stott shared her organization’s story, and how GoCanvas has dramatically furthered their mission.


 About Canvas 

Reston, Virginia-based GoCanvas has created an easy, fast and economical way for businesses of any size to find, customize or create their own mobile business apps.  These apps effectively remove paper-based processes from nearly any organization or company’s workflow. GoCanvas also reduces redundant data entry, enhancing productivity. GoCanvas is a cloud-based software service that enables users to collect information using their mobile devices, share that information with their customers and even integrate with backend systems. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile apps specific to their needs. All GoCanvas apps work on Android, Blackberry, BlackBerry Playbook, iPhone, iPad, and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every GoCanvas app is customizable by the end user, and can incorporate GPS/location, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and even access to information like parts catalogs and patient record

To date, GoCanvas has automated over 600,000 manual processes/paper forms, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.  To learn more visit

About the GoCanvas Ante Up Program

GoCanvas created the Ante Up Program around what they call the 4P’s. Principal, Passion, Product and People. It is their Principal that the time to reach out and offer help is not just when you are a large organization but it should be part of your corporate DNA right from the beginning of your organization’s life.  Passion, when we find an organization in need and we are passionate in turn around their mission and vision we can deploy not just our Product but our People to help provide a solution that will let that organization collect, share, collaborate wirelessly no matter where they are on the planet and to do so real time.  

About Dandelion Support Organization

With locations in Sydney and Canberra Australia, The Dandelion Support Network is a grassroots not for profit organization run by volunteers. Those volunteers open their hearts and homes, accepting donations of good-quality second hand baby equipment for those less fortunate.

Once donated, the baby items are given a new lease on life. Where necessary they are repaired and renewed. That could mean anything from replacing a missing button or mending a hem to scrubbing back and restoring a well-loved crib, to welding a baby carriage frame back together.

Once the items are ready for their new home they are packed up ready for a new family.

The Dandelion Support Network partners with some amazing agencies and support services. When social workers at these partner agencies meet a client in need of material support for their family they contact Dandelion. Dandelion connected social workers send tailored requests, asking specifically for items that the family in question needs. This way we can be sure those who need a helping hand get exactly what they need, when they need it. And that the items so generously donated are used to the fullest.  For more information on the Dandelion Support Network and to get involved visit