Arizona Pest Control Company Exterminates Paper with GoCanvas on iOS

By andy adams on July 12, 2012

Pest Control Mobile Apps on Canvas


A Pest Control Service based out of Scottsdale, AZ has started using GoCanvas on iPads to eliminate its paper trail and automate their document management.  Mobile workers can now capture all job related information and generate invoices through a single custom app!

Before moving towards a paperless solution, this Pest Control Company would capture information on the job including location, infestation classification, chemical usage, and treatment history on a paper form.  This form would then be taken back to the office, used to generate a separate invoice, and then filed away.  The invoice would then be sent back to the customer and they would have to wait for payment.  With their new, automated mobile app, this company now collects all the necessary job information while simultaneously developing an invoice on site.  Their customers can then review and sign the invoice, directly on the worker’s iPad, as well as authorize any payments necessary.

After the forms are completed and signed they are then sent back to the office and to the customer, via email, and to Canvas’s secure server where they are automatically indexed and filed for future reference.  By moving to a mobile solution, this Pest Control Company has been able to reduce their use of paper and time of collection, a critical part of success for any business.

For apps to help improve both information flow and cash flow in your business, visit Canvas’s Application Store.  Once added to your account, all apps can be totally customized to fit your needs!  If you have more specific needs you can create your own custom app in our App Builder!