Are You Ready for OSHA’s New HazCom Standard?

By katie simpson on April 15, 2015

From pesticides to diesel fumes — chemicals are everywhere in our world. Chemicals are used in countless industries: food safety, construction, and chemical storage facilities. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are going to be affected by the major revisions the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) made to its Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) in 2012. Businesses can’t put it off any longer: the deadline is fast approaching — June 2016. 

The new standard is supposed to benefit businesses by:

                * Reducing confusion about chemical hazards

                * Facilitating safety training

                * Establishing consistent labels and safety data sheets

The Department of Labor (DOL) predicts $475.2 million in enhanced productivity, along with $3 million in cost-savings to employers. It’s also expected to lower trade barriers by aligning U.S. standards with those adopted by the United Nations and dozens of countries around the world.

While these numbers sound great, the deadline to be in full compliance is coming — June 2016.

Do you know what your business is now responsible for?

Who is responsible for labeling chemicals: you or your manufacturers and suppliers?

Do you need to make special adjustments for employees who handle chemicals and whose first language is not English?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in our guide: OSHA’s New HazCom Standard: 6 Steps to Compliance. In it, we share what’s changing with HazCom 2012 and strategies to strengthen your safety without breaking your budget. 

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Photo credit: DSCN2592 via photopin (license)