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By Nick Mirisis on January 27, 2021
Tags: Data Collection

6 Ways to Organize Office Workflow Using GoCanvas

Achieving a balanced, healthy workflow is a key threshold for all successful businesses. The organization of your office workflow can affect your company’s productivity, employee performance, office dynamics, and customer satisfaction. Thankfully, programs like GoCanvas can now help you streamline your workflow to optimize business performance. Here are six ways to organize workflow for a healthier and more productive system. 

Assigning and Organizing Tasks

The GoCanvas system’s dispatch service provides complete transparency between management and employees, making it easier than ever to ensure that everything gets done as it should. This system stratifies workflow processes in a controlled chain of order and distributes this information using an internal calendar. One common example of this is the timecard completion and approval app, which digitally converts the payroll process using the mobile GoCanvas system.

With fields marked as “required,” employees will no longer be able to submit incomplete timesheets. The ease of use and access will guarantee that all employees are able to send in timecards on time, without waiting around for the paper submissions. You can also easily distribute dispatch calendars within the GoCanvas app, handle approvals in real-time, and monitor the progress of this dispatch conveniently from your mobile device. All of these features collectively work to ensure that your entire team is on the same page and working as a unit.

Reference Data Auto-Population

Manual data reentry can create unnecessary monotony and inconsistency in your workflow processes, wasting valuable corporate time and energy. Adding reference data to your GoCanvas account allows this information to be accessible in your company’s apps. Organized by spreadsheets on the backend of your account, this GoCanvas addition eliminates the redundancy of filling in the same information more than once. Examples of reference data include:

  • Customer Records 
  • Product list
  • Accounting codes
  • Service pricing
  • Other data specific to your business

This feature can speed up your workflow processes, saving you, your employees, and your customers a significant amount of time. 

Streamline Office Communication

With GoCanvas, you can send prefilled forms such as service orders to techs in the field, edit dispatch calendars real-time, and assign apps to your employees. This reduces the time wasted by missed memos and forgotten schedules. As your workload changes throughout the day, your office can compensate with immediate updates to field workers. This reduces the wasted time that poor communication causes, promoting an efficient work environment. 

Digital Signatures

It is no secret that the paper documentation process can be much more time consuming than the digital alternative; however, print processes are often needed where signatures are required. This is why GoCanvas has made implementing digital signatures into your workflow processes easy and accessible. Reduce the need to print, sign, and scan your signature-required documents when you convert to digital signatures. This conversion also allows you to digitally organize your documents while simplifying the signing and sharing processes. Switching to digital signatures is easier than you might anticipate with GoCanvas, as mobile signatures are enabled automatically on the app. 

Custom Mobile Form Creation

Converting to mobile forms using the GoCanvas app allows you to take your company’s processes with you wherever you go. Access your business information just as easily from a job site as you could within your office. Blank templates, such as estimates, inspections, invoices, waivers, and work orders are just a few examples of the forms that can be created, distributed, filled out, signed, and accessed from your mobile device with GoCanvas. By generating custom forms unique to your company’s platform, GoCanvas makes it easy for you to support your workflow where it is needed most. If you don’t believe how easy it is, just send GoCanvas your form today and we will create a mobile version for you for free! You will find that the reliability and convenience of mobile forms can benefit multiple facets of your workflow organization, including both your internal and client-facing processes. 

Payment Processing and Photo Capture

Using your Square-enabled GoCanvas app, you can now streamline your sales and purchase order processes. This partnership provides all of the notable qualities of Square services integrated directly into your company’s internal apps. Digitally process payments without expensive or overcomplicated software systems, which require unnecessary attention from your office. This digital processing also allows you to reduce the wait time involved with manual payment processing. 

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