App Building Two Cents’ Worth – Upload Your Price List

By Jason Good on April 29, 2013

App Building Two Cents' Worth

App Building Two Cents' Worth – Upload Your Price List

One of the more powerful features at GoCanvas is called “Reference Data”.  It allows you populate fields and auto-populate fields by having your GoCanvas app reference a file that you upload to your GoCanvas account.  The most popular uses of this feature is for uploading a list of CLIENT LIST or a PRICE LIST.  By uploading a Price List you can have complete control over the pricing that your field workers are offering, save them time by not having to remember or look up pricing, and present more data about your services so your customers know exactly what you did and what materials were used on the job.

Step 1: Upload Your File

You can create your file using Microsoft Excel and then “save as” the file in a CSV format.  Here is what a typical Price List might look like:

Reference Data - Price List

To upload your file you need to do the following:

  • Login to your account at the GoCanvas website
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Click on the orange “Manage Reference Data” button on the left
  • Name your file, browse your hard drive and choose your file, hit “Save”

Step 2: Program your GoCanvas App

Now you need to set up your GoCanvas App so it references the file in all of the appropriate places.  We are using a “Simple List Screen” so the user in the field can choose as many Materials as necessary for each job.  Here is what the screen looks like in the GoCanvas App Builder:

Reference Data - Price List

Here are the “Advanced” settings for the MATERIALS field.  Look up at the reference file above to see the column names referenced in these settings.

Reference Data - Price List

Here are the “Advanced” settings for the DESCRIPTION field.  This field is auto-populated based on what is picked in the MATERIALS field.  Note the “Reference Field” setting below.

Reference Data - Price List

Here are the “Advanced” settings for the PRICE field.  Not that the settings for “Reference Data”, “Reference Screen”, and “Reference Field” are all the same!  The only thing changed is the “Reference Col” setting since we want to pull the price from the reference file this time.  Also note that we have checked the “Read Only” field so the user cannot change this value.

Reference Data - Price List

Step 3: Test it on your Mobile Device

On the mobile device the user has chosen “Widget A” from a Value List (Drop Down).  The DESCRIPTION field auto-populated with “a red widget”.  The PRICE field auto-populated with “50.00” and it is greyed out meaning the user can't update it.  We made it a Read Only field. 

The user just enteres the QUANTITY and then the TOTAL field is using a Calculation field in GoCanvas.  We are multiplying QUANTITY x PRICE.  This is built on a Simple List Screen so your user in the field can add as many Materials to the job as necessary and GoCanvas will total up the pricing using your company-approved price list! 

Reference Data - Price List

Need More Help?

You can visit our HELP section and learn more about the following features:

Reference Data

Or Contact Us for help.  We can get you up and running with an automated estimate app, pricing app, invoice app, work order app or any other kind of app that requires you to price something out.