Amazon KindleFire Announced Their Launch and Yes… GoCanvas Will Work on It!

By James W Quigley on September 29, 2011

Amazon Fire will work for businesses

Yesterday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Amazon Fire the $199.00 Android Tablet.  Even though the device is not being touted as the “iPad killer” yet, the price and device features are catching the eye of users and we have already been asked by users if GoCanvas will work on this new platform.  Our answer is a cautious but very optimistic Yes! With an 8 hour battery life,  compact size and low price we feel that this platform will not only serve consumer needs but will fit well in the hands of a mobile worker.   Lets see how the market accepts the new device when it hits the street on November 15, 2011.   In the meantime if you have any questions regarding what devices we support, feel free to drop us a line.