Amazing Group! Dandelion Support Network Supporting Mothers in Need, Using GoCanvas in Australia.

By James W Quigley on May 30, 2012

Dandelion Support Group uses Canvas


We normally write up stories that not only point out the varied uses of GoCanvas but provide some relevance for other organizations looking to see how like companies use our service.  We are very proud of the various global companies who use our product and quite frankly our blog is a way to help our fast growing story. 

This is a different story… if you do anything after reading this story, please please please(!) visit the website of this Amazing all volunteer organization led by Rachael Stott and her Co-Founder Tamara.  

The Dandelion Support Network is a grass roots not for profit organization run by volunteers in Australia (but should be a global initiative if you ask us). Their mission is to give new life to good-quality second hand baby equipment for those less fortunate.   These items are given a new lease on life and has the added secondary benefits of keeping these items out of landfills.  Sometimes and when necessary these items are repaired and renewed.   Once the items are ready for their new home they are packed up ready for a new family.

They don’t sell these items, they don’t make money doing this… they are really there to just help mothers and parent’s in need.   So finding the right people that are in need of their services is the other important and critical part of the Dandelion service.   The Dandelion Support Network partners with some amazing agencies and support services. When social workers at these partner agencies meet a client in need of material support for their family they contact Dandelion. The social workers they work with send tailored requests, asking specifically for items that the family in question needs. This way we can be sure those who need a helping hand get exactly what they need, when they need it. And that the items so generously donated are used to the fullest.

“Since replacing all our paper forms for GoCanvas forms we have enjoyed immediate benefits.  Our safety checks have become faster and more accurate. We are saving time as we no longer need to scan paper forms and Rachael Stott - CoFounder Dandelionversion control is automated, making the process easier to administer at multiple sites. Working with GoCanvas has made expanding to other communities a real possibility.

Features such as image capture, signature capture and GPS location have revolutionized our data capture all whilst making us a greener operation.” Rachael Stott, Co-Founder – Dandelion Support Network.

We are almost embarrased to have them gush over GoCanvas as we couldn’t be more proud than to help them in anyway we can.  Please visit Dandelion Support Network – if you are one of our friends or partners in Australia, there are so many great ways to get involved beyond just visiting their website.