The Cure for Air Duct and Dryer Vent Inspection Documentation is Here

By katie simpson on November 19, 2014

You know how dangerous dryers can be. Photo credit: Vox Efx via photopin cc

Air duct and dryer vent cleanings are so crucial for safety. Without regular cleanings, these can easily lead to fires. Clothes dryers were responsible 15,456 home structure fires between 2006-2010. The leading cause of dryer fires? Failure to clean.

What’s crucial for both you and your customers is this: documentation. Proof that the inspection happened at the appropriate time and was done in an accurate manner. But paper inspections come with a host of problems. and they could be putting your business at risk. 

Easy to lose

Between the customer’s site, the car, and your office, there are atleast a dozen opportunities to lose these inspections. Maybe they slip out of your stuffed clipboard, disappear under your truck’s seat. Or, someone at the office could have misfiled the document, making it impossible to find. 

By going to a mobile inspection, every completed air duct or dryer inspection is sent immediately to the cloud. There, it’s safe from long trips in the car, being misfiled, or lost along the way. You can even have your submissions named after entries in the inspection, such as the date and customer’s name. 

Mistakes are common

In terms of liability, you need to be certain that your inspection happened and was done thoroughly. With paper forms, nothing stops an inspector from missing a section, or ensures they were there when the inspection took place. 

Mobile inspections can stop these mistakes before they start. You can, for instance, make fields required. Even if an inspector forgets to check a section, they won’t be able to submit their report. You can also have automatic time and date stamps. When the inspector opens the report, it pre-populates. So they do less work, and you know for certain when the inspection took place.

Human error happens, no matter how long we’ve been in business. Mobile inspections allow you to avoid common mistakes and ensure great quality work every time.

Information you can’t collect

With paper inspections, you’re limited to the information you can collect. You could take photos to show an air ducts up to code, but it takes time to print and match the photo to the right inspection! 

One touch on a mobile inspection app allows you to easily capture photos inside your inspection. The inspector can sign off on the device that they found everything up to code as well. Some other features you can use with a mobile app include:

  • Capture location with GPS
  • Pre-populate information with light dispatch
  • Look up equipment with barcode scanning
  • Calculate invoices and price lists accurately every time

Going mobile allows you to collect so much more information than ever before and makes it easier at the same time.


The need for dryer and air duct inspections isn’t going away. Going with a mobile inspection app makes your inspections faster, stronger. Even better? It puts you miles ahead of your competition.


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