Agri-Business Deploys Custom Mobile Apps on Company BlackBerries to Increase Effectiveness

By Joe Gatto on January 9, 2012

Farming Gone Mobile - Mobile Apps on Canvas

GoCanvas is now providing one of the world’s largest agricultural companies with a method to collect essential information on various crops through mobile data collection on their BlackBerry Smartphones. Once mired in a sea of overwhelming paperwork, this operational division which manages several farms on the island of Maui is now measuring fertility, irrigation conditions, the presence of insects, etc. in real-time exploiting the GoCanvas service. A process that once required remote employees to document these conditions using pen and paper and submission at the end of the day or week is now handled by a few simple clicks on their mobile device which is sent back instantly.Canvas BlackBerry

In addition to mobile apps specific to the assessment of crops, another group responsible for farm equipment inspections in the southern US has found GoCanvas to be a perfect fit in quickly reporting areas needing attention as well as acquiring hours of use through equipment meter readings. This key information is now being collected via employees existing BlackBerry devices and sent back to appropriate personnel for action and system updates.

How easy were these apps to deploy? These mobile applications were all built by the customer in a matter of minutes using the self-serve GoCanvas App Builder. Once built, the apps were “pushed” to their user base by the click of a button on the company’s Admin portal. This is just scratching the surface…now that paper forms can be converted to mobile apps and easily deployed to various remote workers, this subscriber is queuing up many more paper forms to make the transition to mobile! Interested in learning more? Click on How It Works to get the story in our 3 minute overview. Or check our our library of customizable Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing mobile form templates in the GoCanvas Application Store to find something to start with.