African Reserve Use Of Mobile Apps To Thwart Animal Trafficking Wins GoCanvas 2013 Ante Up NFP Award

By James W Quigley on June 24, 2013

African Reserve Use Of Mobile Apps To Thwart Animal Trafficking Recognized As GoCanvas 2013 Ante Up Award Recipient

Sabi Sand Wildtuin African Reserve Ecological Officer Michael Grover will be honored at Ante Up event at National Geographic in Washington, DC

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Mobile Apps

Reston, VA – June 24, 2013 – GoCanvas, the global leader in mobile apps for businesses, today announced that Sabi Sand Wildtuin, the oldest private reserve in South Africa, has been recognized as the 2013 GoCanvas ‘Ante Up’ Nonprofit of the Year Award Recipient for its innovative use of mobile technology to combat Rhino poaching. Sabi Sand African Reserve Ecologist Michael Grover will be honored at a special event in Washington, DC on Tuesday, June 25th, where he will offer a powerful presentation on the use of mobile apps to thwart animal poachers.

 Launched in 2012, the GoCanvas ‘Ante Up’ program encourages employees to identify a nonprofit initiative or need that they are passionate about, and then to support that initiative by providing the nonprofit with free GoCanvas services as well as the employee’s time to help train the organization on how best to implement GoCanvas and other resources aimed at helping to arm nonprofit organizations with mobile technology.

 Animal poaching has become a deadly and serious problem for Africa. Organized criminals and Rebel militias using automatic

weapons and sophisticated technology are profiting heavily from poaching, and killing tens of thousands of animals in the process. Sabi Sand Reserve, like many reserves, is challenged to cover a massive geography with limited manpower and technology resources. By providing Sabi Sand Wildtuin with Canvas’ mobile app service, the Reserve has been empowered to more effectively track, stop and eventually help prosecute poachers.

 “The vision of Ante Up is to let employees pursue philanthropic efforts they are passionate about, and have the freedom to commit their time towards those efforts,” said James Quigley, CEO and Co-Founder, GoCanvas. “To see our technology play a role in addressing a global crisis that is costing lives – of both the animals and those trying to protect them – underscores why GoCanvas feels so strongly that making mobile technology accessible to deserving groups is critical.”

 “Canvas has become truly instrumental to our mission by providing us with mobile devices and mobile app capabilities tMichael Grover Mobile Apps Sabi Sandso more effectively track where poachers are breaking through boundary fences, log photos of killed or distressed animals, take photos of poachers “footprint” tracks and aid with criminal prosecution of poachers,” adds Michael Grover, Sabi Sand Wildtuin Ecological officer. “We are grateful to be honored as this year’s ‘Ante Up’ recipient, and expect GoCanvas to become an even greater part of our efforts going forward.”  

The impact of Ante Up has been profound: The first Ante Up award recipient was the Dandelion Support Network, an Australian non-profit organization dedicated to providing second-hand baby equipment to families in need. The Dandelion Support Network officially launched in December 2011, and to quickly meet growing demand from support agencies for second-hand baby equipment it required a technology solution that could be deployed quickly, inexpensively, and was flexible enough to adapt to the dynamically changing needs of a growing not for profit. GoCanvas, in just a few months, became the technology lifeblood of their organization.

To attend this free event (space limited), held Tuesday, June 25th at National Geographic in Washington, DC, click here.  You can follow more about this event on Twitter at #Tech4Rhinos.

 For additional information on wildlife trafficking and how GoCanvas is helping, visit

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