Aerodesigns Spurns Paper forms for GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPhones and iPads

By scott shea on December 11, 2012
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Aerodesigns Spurns Paper forms for GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on iPhones and iPads

The AeroShot is an air-based delivery system, created by AeroDesigns, that discovers inventive ways to consume food, nutrients, and medication.  One solution they have invented is the AeroShot Energy.  This revolutionary way to get energy allows users to consume energy quick and easy no matter what they are doing.  The consumer simply pulls the caps and draws the powder from the capsule.  Each AeroShot has about 4 – 5 draws in it.  The popularity of the product has taken it national.   AeroDesigns found the need to track where the product was being sold and the location of the product within the store.  The company wanted to find an efficient way to monitor all the site inspections.  That is when they found GoCanvas.

Once signed up for a trial, AeroDesigns was able to take full advantage of the GoCanvas App Builder.  The easy to use tool allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to build a custom mobile app.  The builder is a simple drag and drop process that allows you to select whichever type of field the user will be filling out. 

The contractors that AeroDesigns were using were all equipped with iOS devices.  They go to the store locations and start to fill out the Custom Mobile App that was created.  The app starts off with them filling out the name of the store and the corresponding address.  They then select whether or not the AeroShot is available at the location, and if so, where.  Also, the display condition is graded on a scale to determine if it is satisfactory.  They complete the form with a couple questions regarding promotional possibilities in the store and finally capture a GPS of the location.

Once the form is complete, it is submitted to the GoCanvas servers and the GoCanvas cloud. The form then hits the servers and anyone back at the main office in Massachusetts can see the submissions in real time regardless of where they came from.   The forms are also emailed directly to those in charge of the program and receive a PDF within seconds of it being completed.  This helps speed up the information processing as well as eliminate any illegible or misplaced paper forms. 

If you are interested in AeroShots, check out their website at and find a location near you. 

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