Advantages for Enterprise Companies Using Mobile Apps

By melanie masanque on January 24, 2014

As a larger company, you know change is often necessary. Still the pain of change is something you try to avoid. Enterprise transitions require more of many things:  more resources, more planning, and more time. It’s no surprise then that many organizations put off change.

So why should you change the very way you collect and transmit data? We have three reasons proving that mobile apps are worth the transition.

Standardize data collection  

You standardized your product, don’t you deserve standard data? (JohnnyMrNinja, source)

If a form isn’t filled out right, it’s easier to remind employees personally in a small business. As your company grows to hundreds or thousands, it’s not so easy. By requiring certain fields within apps, you can ensure that vital data isn’t being skipped. Mobile aps will ensure you get the data you need every time. Even better, you not only give you better data, but a better understanding of how your data is being collected.

Furthermore, GPS functionality also allows employers to know exactly where their employee was when filling out the form. Include a time and date stamp so you know when the data was collected as well. With a mobile app, businesses keep track of their employees’ and their business related data.  

Streamline processes 

Maybe you only save an hour a year per worker. But for a hundred workers? The time saved adds up. Mobile apps are a great way to save time, effort, and money by eliminating the paper shuffle. Mobile apps allow field workers to submit their completed reports back to the office in real time. Not only does this speed up the billing process, but also eliminates the need for double entry for enterprise companies.

In addition, GoCanvas offers web service integration with virtually any backend system so that data entered in GoCanvas will automatically push into your existing database, further streamlining your processes. With mobile apps, you will free up time to get more work done. What would you do with 300 more hours a year?

Increased Efficiency Through Communication

You don’t need an operator to translate data. With mobile apps, you share information instantaneously (source)

As technology advances, businesses communicate more and more easily. Mobile apps make the next leap in communication between the office and the field. By more efficiently sharing data, enterprise companies with mobile apps increase productivity while decreasing many of the struggles that arise from paper forms. Up in the cloud, you can’t lose data in the car, or from a wayward coffee cup.

Instantaneous transmission allows field and office employees to work together. Mobile apps send data to cloud not hours or days later, but just seconds later. Office workers can send clear directions and information by pre-populating apps through light dispatch. Field workers can give status reports as the day progresses. By transmitting data quickly and easily, these workers may be separated by vast distances but can work together as an efficient and cohesive team.

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