Everything is About to Change. GoCanvas Releasing Many New Features, Starting with new UX! Big News!

By James W Quigley on July 26, 2012


“We believe that by helping organizations, groups and individuals dynamically share their experiences, it radically transforms how we all connect.” – The GoCanvas “Why”


Canvas CEO James QuigleyGoCanvas is about to release some of the most dynamic updates, upgrades and overall game changing new features that truly express our “Why” statement to a more fuller extent.   I wanted to personally introduce you to some of the more impactful new elements which will be available or will release in the next few weeks – we couldn’t be more proud or anxious to get them into our subscriber’s hands.  


New GoCanvas LogoThis week, GoCanvas will be releasing the first version of our brand new website.  Our new website will have a completely new look and feel, will show off our new logo and will ultimately be going through a number of dramatic changes over the next few months as we add in more and more new powerful features.  Featured App Canvas

Some of the biggest changes our subscribers will see:

  • New User Experience, design and look and feel, including our new GoCanvas Logo!  
  • GoCanvas Application Store redesign providing a more intuitive focus on finding the best apps for your organization from the fast growing GoCanvas Application Store.   With thousands of Apps from some leading organizations.   

Coming Soon to our new Website

  • A new subscriber portal landing page that will provide in a quick overview of a subscriber’s GoCanvas account.  Items like theirSave Paper with Canvas latest apps, most active users, the latest news stories and apps for their industry, a quick snapshot on how much money an organization has saved and how much paper they have saved will be available.
  • New app recommendations based on your industry. Are you a plumber? School administrator? Or maybe you run a health spa?  No matter your industry, GoCanvas will be providing you on-going recommendations of new apps in our application store that will best suit your needs. 

With all the amazing changes launching for our website, the GoCanvas Mobile App is going through similiar upgrades and New GoCanvas Mobile Appimprovements. 

Here are just a few of the many changes:

  • New User Experience, design and look and feel. 
  • More intuitive work flow elements including improved menu, progress meters and buttons to proceed through the app.
  • Add your own icons to your apps, or use the icons we had for your apps from the GoCanvas Application Store.

Coming Soon after the initial release:

  • The GoCanvas Application Store available from every device.  Want to search for new GoCanvas apps no matter where you are right from your GoCanvas app?  No problem.  Have access to the many thousands (and growing) of GoCanvas apps on the fly – no matter where you are. 
  • Improved branding capability.  Want to put your logo within the GoCanvas app? That feature is coming soon. 

We have many more updates coming…  Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing those with you and showing you how we have plans to change how we all conect.