Roofing Work Order Mobile App: How it Can Help Track Your Commercial & Residential Business

By keith bateman on October 18, 2017

Increase Your Efficiency with the Roofing Work Order Mobile App

The Roofing business is a multi-billion dollar industry that is still stuck in the “Paper Age” of data collection.

RoofThe most common of all the forms used in the Roofing industry is the Work Order. This form acts as the “who-what-when-where-how” form of the project for both the client and the vendor. It’s essential that this form is completed accurately and with as much detail as possible. This form is critical to the success of a project as it contains many of the essential materials and costs that will be charged to the client. That’s why it’s astounding that so many companies would allow information worth $7,000(national average cost for roof installation) to be captured on a $0.75 cent piece of paper. 

Follow along as we discuss the benefits of the GoCanvas Roofing Work Order Mobile App across both the Residential and Commercial sectors, and how going paperless with this one aspect can increase the productivity of all your construction projects in just a matter of days.

Features of the App

The Roofing Work Order App is sure to give you an advantage in both the commercial and residential roofing industries, as well as an edge in general field services as shown in our eBook. Whether it is a large or small construction project, eliminating paperwork from your roofing business will greatly increase your daily efficiency and eliminate hours of wasteful data re-entry and reporting. It will also increase the satisfaction of your customers by giving them real-time updates on the progress of your work in professionally formatted reports designed by you.

The GoCanvas Roofing Work Order App will give you access to a number of important data collection features including:

  • Automated Calculations
  • Pre-populated Drop Down Lists
  • Digital Signature Capture

The above core features are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also additional app settings and features exclusive to GoCanvas that you can turn on to make your Roofing Work Order App even more powerful than your other paper-based processes.

The Dispatch feature of GoCanvas is a gamechanger for roofing businesses.This feature allows the office to pre-fill in assignments and the send them out to technicians already out in the field. The field tech will get a notification of the new assignment(as seen below) and see all the information about their next task to complete. This allows the office to track what their technicians are working on and completing in almost real-time. If it appears that a tech looks to be behind on his assignments, the office can proactively reassign that task to another technician who is available and avoid a customer complaint!

Dispatch - GoCanvas

Commercial Roofing

Within the commercial roofing world, projects and contracts are much more valuable. This is why it’s so important to have a system in place that allows the technicians on the job site to efficiently collect and share information in real-time.

The Roofing Work Order App allows a commercial contractor to easily set up automated data collection processes in just minutes. This includes uploading the current customer, material and cost lists into the Roofing Work Order App so that the onsite technician can simply choose from pre-populated drop-down lists instead of having to manually write or type into every data field. This automation also assists with keeping costs accurate by having the app tie directly into your price book instead of allowing the technician to freehand it.

Reference Data - GoCanavs

The best part is that when the office receives the reports from the Roofing Work Order App, all the data will come back legible and formatted neatly, in the same way, each time it’s submitted. This ensures that the data items match up with your accounting systems and can be seamlessly imported if needed. This will also significantly cut down on processing time, especially since it will already be placed in the cloud, and allow for the office staff to immediately update their project timelines and task sheets. It will give managers full visibility to the progression of each commercial project and allow them to take proactive steps if it appears a project is falling behind or is going to be over-budget.

Residential Roofing

For residential roofing projects, it’s extremely important to build strong customer relationships and to be able to easily organize information for review.

With the GoCanvas Roofing Work Order App, all the data you collect for each residential roofing client gets neatly stored in your private online cloud database. Each record can automatically be tagged within the Submissions section of your account with specific data values that you choose including “Client Name”, “Completion Date”, “Total Job Cost” and more! You can even tag each record with a project status like “Not Paid – Job Completed” or “In-Progress” to help your back office better search through records. This makes it incredibly simple to look up client history as well as track job statuses all from one screen. You can even email the client a copy of the PDF record from this same Submissions section in case they didn’t receive it the first time!

Submission Status - GoCanvas

Ready to Go Paperless with Your Roofing Business?

The Roofing Work Order App, in combination with the GoCanvas platform, allows you to get insight into how much money is actually coming into your company on a daily basis and notice problems with job costs way before the end of the month or quarter. It’s a perfect way to get your feet wet with collecting data with mobile devices, without the need of IT or having to invest hundreds of hours in coding.

If you’re ready to start taking back control of your data and begin increasing your job margins, give the Roofing Work Order App from GoCanvas a try!

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