How the UK’s Largest Real-Estate Services Company, Countrywide, Increased Productivity by 50%

By keith bateman on April 4, 2017

Making Property Management Pain & Paper-Free

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  • Industry: Property Management, Real Estate Services
  • HQ Location: London, United Kingdom
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Quick Facts

  • Recover $55,250 in time savings annually
  • Save over 702 hours in productivity annually
  • Recognize a total savings of $173,622 annually

Problems with Paper

Being the largest real-estate and property management provider in the UK isn’t easy. It involves a lot of manpower, coordination, and paperwork. Having to maintain over 1,200 properties for more than 55 brands can cause a lot of stress on a business if the data is not being effectively collected, shared, and analyzed. This is where Countrywide PLC began to run into issues as their business began to rapidly expand.

Issues included and were not limited to:

  • Lost or misplacing of paper inspections
  • Delays in proper reporting of property data
  • Decreases in productivity due to slow, manual processes

Streamlining Property Inspections

The Senior Mobile Consultants at GoCanvas began working with the Jon Ward, Senior Property Manager at Countrywide PLC, to begin revamping their entire property inspection process. It included creating a mobile inspection that incorporated features that were important to both their clients and to their management staff. Specific features included Table of Contents, Image Capture, Reference Data, Auto-Emailing, and more.

After building the first property inspection, Jon began to share it with his team of property managers. They were able to easily transition from their “old-school” paper forms to GoCanvas because of the ability to leverage their existing mobile devices for inspections. Once they got up and going, the impact was felt almost immediately.

“The digitizing of our property inspections has made everything more efficient, has protected us as a company by providing our attendance and enabling property managers to include photos within their reports, making it easier to log maintenance issues and provide photos to contractors”, commented Jon Ward on the impact of deploying GoCanvas.

Long-term Returns on Investment

Since deploying GoCanvas to their property managers in 2013, Countrywide has expanded their business and even been listed on the London Stock Exchange. They have also expanded their usage of GoCanvas to include over 50 property managers that collectively complete over 8,000 mobile inspections annually. In reviewing their deployment and usage of GoCanvas over the past 4 years, Jon Ward said that “I don’t know how we ever lived without it”.

Overall, Countrywide PLC has been able to increase their productivity by more than 50% by simply replacing their paperwork with GoCanvas mobile forms. All their inspection data is now quickly collected, filed in the cloud, and shared in real-time with the people who need to see it – all before the property manager even leaves the client’s property. They have cut out the hassle of lost and incomplete paper forms and replaced them with “smart” mobile forms that automatically send to the client and neatly file/organize themselves!

All in all, Countrywide was able to see a full return on their investment within just 10 months and 3 years later are still going strong with GoCanvas!

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