How Tekpak Mobilized Their Manufacturing Line & Saved $121K By Switching to Canvas

Canvas Case Study - Manufacturing


  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • HQ Location: Marion, Alabama
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Quick Facts

  • Saving 910 hours annually in productivity
  • Recovering $58,500 in annual time savings
  • Seeing $126,210 annual Return on Investment
  • Case Study: Download Here

Paper Pitfalls 

As a packaging and manufacturer of everything from deodorizers to medical grade equipment, Tekpak had a paper form for everything. The ability to produce so many things was leading them to accumulate stacks and stacks of paper forms that could not be properly filled out and reviewed on a daily basis. This was resulting in a ton of inefficiencies occurring within their manufacturing process, especially in the areas of Safety, Operations, Engineering, and Quality Assurance. These are the same areas that Ryan Hutson, Technical Services Director at Tekpak, wanted to focus on improving when he first met with the Senior Mobile Consultants at Canvas. 

Fixing the Process

Ryan Hutson needed Canvas' help in streamlining the process of 5 different departments including Safety, Operations, IT, Engineering, and Quality Assurance. These 5 departments shared the same common issues. These issues included the inability to view and analyze data in real-time, the inability to properly organize and manage documents, and having no adequate way to track and review employee time.

Knowing these issues, Canvas worked with the Tekpak team to begin creating dynamic mobile forms and processes based on their old paper copies. An important part of this process was the implementation of "Workflow".

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This functionality of Canvas gives Tekpak that ability to have one employee fill out a portion of a form on their smart device and automatically send it to their supervisor's device for review/approval. It also can be used for employees working at stations on the manufacturing line who are inspecting products. This helps speed up the transfer of information without sacrificing accuracy. Employees no longer have to write everything on a clipboard, leaving their station, and track down a supervisor. Now everything is automated for them right on their tablet.

Tekpak also utilized the "Folders" functionality of Canvas which allows them to easily manage, organize, and assign data both for their employees and their back office staff. When an employee signs into their mobile device, they just click on the folder of the department that they are assigned and fill out those specific mobile forms. No confusion, no mistakes. The back office can also retrieve, analyze, and export data on these department or workgroup folders as well!

Results Start Rolling In

Since fully deploying Canvas almost 2 years ago, Tekpak completed over 48,000+ mobile form submissions and reduced their paper costs by almost $7,000 annually. Canvas has given the supervisors like Ryan Hutson at Tekpak the ability to not only receive accurate and timely information from their employees on the manufacturing line, but also have the ability to view and create real-time reports. These reports are critical for keeping up with quality control and assurance standards and reducing mistakes that could cost the company thousands.

In all, Tekpak has developed over 50+ mobile forms using the no-code, drag and drop form builder. They have been able to take almost all their process mobile with Canvas, which has led to a 50% increase in productivity and a $126,210 annual Return on Investment. 

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