Eliminating Paperwork & Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Hotel Mobile Forms

By keith bateman on March 21, 2017

The Old School Way of Data Collection


Believe it or not, the Hotel industry is one of the most difficult to be successful in because of its complex nature of being both consumer and facility focused. This means that a hotel can be glamorous, but if it doesn’t have great customer service, it will certainly fail. It also means that a hotel can have amazing employees, but if it has decaying and disgusting rooms, it will certainly not have returning guests. The ability to effectively manage a property and staff simultaneously is often what makes the difference between a hotel that thrives versus one that fails.

So who is the person responsible for managing and training an amazing staff, while also maintaining a clean facility? This more time then none falls to the General Manager. The GM reports directly to the owner and oversees the various departments (operations, housekeeping, accounting, etc) that make up the property. It is extremely important that the person in this role be extremely active in the day to day operations of the property and know the daily performance of each department. So it may come as a surprise to find that many GMs, many of those who operate multi-million dollar properties, still complete room inspections, customer feedback forms, incident reports, waivers, and more on inefficient paper forms.

But what if there was a way to consolidate all the forms a hotel needed so that they were easily accessible to the people and departments who required them. Even better, what if the data from all these reports was able to be automatically fed into spreadsheets, dashboards or directly into your existing property management systems in real-time?

It can be. Meet Canvas, the all-in-one platform for hotel mobile apps and forms.

Raising the Standard of Operational Excellence

The Canvas platform is helping the Hotel industry set a new standard of operational excellence by replacing their outdated data collection processes with smart, dynamic mobile apps and forms that reside on mobile devices.

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GoCanvas is helping hotels and resorts recover 100s of hours in productivity every single year. The time that was spent previously filling out paper forms, manually entering data into spreadsheets, and looking for lost records is now refocused on their valuable guests. General Managers are now able to take the data being collected by their employees, review it in real-time, and make same-day decisions. Maintenance issues get sent directly to the Operations supervisor who now gets them resolved in hours, not days. Negative employee behavior is now immediately reported and curbed before it affects a customer’s experience.

A General Manager is now able to be proactive and not wait for issues to snowball out of control.

The Most Impactful Ways to Reduce Paperwork

paper notebook and Ipad app

The best part about using GoCanvas is that is can be customized to the type of property you run, no matter the size. Some hotel and resorts may have restaurants, spa services, hot tubs and other amenities that need to be maintained. Other hotels and motels are much smaller with basic amenities such as a pool or room service. Regardless, GoCanvas allows General Managers to equip their teams with the right mobile apps and forms to ensure that every square inch of their specific property gets inspected and that the information is stored in the cloud in real-time. This gives the GM full visibility into the day-to-day operations of the property without him/her having to even leave their office!

If you are looking to get started, we suggest these 4 mobile forms:

Room Inspection App – You can build all your standard inspection questions directly into your mobile form. If a suite differs from a standard room, you can easily create a dynamic inspection form using conditional fields that change based on the type of room that your housekeeper has selected. This way he/she will only see items on their inspection list that applies to that room type and nothing more. You can also incorporate scoring into the room inspection so that if a supervisor is performing a random spot-check, they can select items and have it automatically apply a score/grade to the room. Another great example is our guest room inspection app.

Property Walkthrough App – One of the biggest activities for hotel general managers is the daily Property Walkthrough. This is usually a morning activity where the GM walks the entirety of the property grounds and spot-check everything. Now you can do the same morning inspection but add the ability to take a photo of an issue as well as its GPS location. Now as soon as you have completed your walkthrough, the inspection will be immediately sent to your Maintenance Manager for review and resolution. This type of task assignment, tracking, and approval structure can be easily setup with the GoCanvas Workflow feature!

Mobile Room Inspection checklist form app

Front Desk Evaluation AppThe front desk is the first place a guest goes when they arrive at a hotel, and often where they make their 1st impression. If your staff is not friendly and living your brand’s values, it could be extremely harmful to your business especially when customer reviews mean everything in today’s world. GoCanvas will allow you to observe, record, and report on your Front Desk’s daily behavior and put into place corrective actions if/when necessary.

Amenities Waiver App –  For many larger resorts and hotels, a waiver is a given. Many properties give guests the ability to rent canoes, rock climb, snorkel, and do much more. These type of excursions require the guest to sign a waiver releasing the hotel from liability of injury. This documentation is critical if, in the rare occurrence, an accident does occur. With paper, you are playing a dangerous game that the guest actually filled out the form completely and that the resort employee properly stored the document away.

With GoCanvas, you immediately remove all of this risk. The guest(s) are unable to skip critical information fields that you mark as “Required”, examples include Name, Date, Signature, Photo of ID, and more. And as soon as the guest presses “Done”, the waiver is instantly stored electronically. The digital waiver can even be retrieved later just by searching for the guest’s name. With this app, there is no need for the guest to complete a new waiver every single time they want to do an activity, saving them both time and frustration!

If you are interested in learning more about these apps or forms, simply click the button below! Or if you’d like to schedule a free demo of GoCanvas mobile apps and forms, click here!

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