GoCanvas Integrates With PayPal To Provide the Ultimate Mobile Business Solution

By Jason Peck on February 19, 2015
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Piggy Bank ImageYou're probably already saving hundreds of hours and streamlining your business with GoCanvas by collecting and sharing information in real-time.

Now you can get paid in real-time, too! No more long sales cycles. 

Get Paid in Real Time with GoCanvas and Paypal

We're excited to announce a new collaboration with PayPal enabling businesses to seamlessly collect payments within any GoCanvas business app. With this integration, you and your users can accept credit and debit cards, track cash, and take check payments, without leaving GoCanvas. 

I'm biased but I believe we now offer the ultimate mobile business solution. 

You can create custom business apps for any business process (e.g., work orders, invoices, sales agreements, etc.), without any coding, and now also take simple mobile payments. Again, no programming needed! 

The best part?

The information you collect before and after payment is infinitely customizable, and can be leveraged in many different ways. 

Here's what our CEO, James Quigley, had to say about this.

“Forrester Research projects U.S. mobile payments market will hit $142 billion in 2019, and while mobile payments offer enhanced payer convenience, the integration of mobile payments with data collection and cloud storage offers a yet-untapped opportunity to unlock the value of mobile transaction data for both the customer and vendor in ways never previously possible.”

By linking mobile payments to our cloud-based software service, customer information can be stored and leveraged to change the way businesses interact with customers – not just at the point-of-transaction but also through the full customer lifecycle.

So what does this mean? How can mobile payments help your business?

For example, you can leverage transaction data during and after the point-of-sale. With GoCanvas you can generate custom-branded digital receipts for retention and loyalty programs. These receipts can include unique content such as photos (before and after pictures of work done is a huge plus), coupons, social media calls-to-action, website URLs, and more. 

Goodbye, boring receipts. Hello, competitive advantage.

I've written before about how you can growth hack receipts. Now, you can use GoCanvas to generate awesome receipts AND get paid on the spot, wherever you work.  

The possibilities for streamlining business processes, collecting data via mobile devices and seamlessly integrating payments are practically endless. 

Learn more about our mobile payments functionality and how you can get started

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