GoCanvas + Zapier: 5 Project Management Platforms to Connect with GoCanvas

By keith bateman on April 25, 2016

At GoCanvas, we have built our platform around three core pillars: Collect, Share, Learn. Our goal is to give our subscribers the tools and support necessary to create a platform that allows their company to excel at each of those three pillars. Through Canvas’ partnership with Zapier, the leading service in cross-app platform connection, we have enabled subscribers to connect and share their data with more places in just a push of a button. The partnership between GoCanvas and Zapier is very important because it will assist in automating many different types of workflow processes, including the one that is most widely requested among GoCanvas users: “How can I get my GoCanvas data into my XYZ project management system?”.

Zapier makes this easy! Through our partnership, connections called “Zaps” can be setup in 2 minutes for the most popular project management platforms on the planet. Creating Zaps for yourself is easy! Here is a great tutorial if you missed it.

Here are our 5 favorite project management platforms to connect with Canvas  


One of the most trending project management systems right now is Trello. Known for its simple to use interface (sound familiar?), Trello has become a favorite tool of companies such as Google and Paypal who are looking for a quick way to create and track projects in the funnel. You can have the data from GoCanvas create color-coded project boards in real-time using Zapier.


This is a program that is a hybrid instant messaging and project management tool. Instead of using email, skype, texting, or the combination of all three, Slack gives companies a way to organize data through easy to view “Channels.” Channels can be restricted to certain members of the team or per project, and files can be uploaded to the channels in real time via phone or computer. By connecting GoCanvas with Slack, you can have a notification post in a Channel every time a “work order” or “timesheet” is completed using GoCanvas. This way everyone who needed to be alerted in the project is notified, and they can then view the data from wherever they are.


Some describe Asana as “soft project management”, but it gives many companies including Uber the ability to track projects with employees who are not located in a central HQ or timezone. You can easily setup tasks, due dates, priorities and map their progress. By connecting with Zapier, you can have a new comment or task be created within a project based on the data submitted from GoCanvas.

Basecamp 2

One of the first web-based project management systems ever available, Basecamp has an entire feature set that includes centralized scheduling, document storage, to-do lists, automated check-ins, and more. Companies like NASA and PETCO use Basecamp software for project management. By connecting GoCanvas to Basecamp, you can automatically create calendar events, new projects, and much more using your GoCanvas data.


This is your typical, old school project management system. It gives you an Excel type interface with rows and columns of data that allow you to create custom reporting workflows. Companies like Netflix, ESPN and Groupon use Smartsheet to compile all their data into easy to view reports in order to see how and when projects are being completed.  With Zapier, you can push data that you collect with GoCanvas into your Smartsheet database as a new row of data.

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