8 Steps to Ace an OSHA Inspection

By Michael Benedict on August 27, 2015
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8 Steps to Ace an OSHA Inspection

Would you be ready if the OSHA inspector showed up today? Is your staff aware of OSHA standards for workplace safety? Would your staff be prepared to spring into action? Would your staff be prepared to spring into action? How confident are you that you'd ace your osha inspection? 

OSHA continues to increase the number of inspections it performs and expands the list of organizations that are required to keep records. OSHA regulations and standards change frequently (for example, in 2017, employers must begin submitting injury and illness data electronically; hopefully your compliance officer is already planning for this) and penalties can be severe. 

Fines and penalties can soar for serious or willful OSHA violations, so it’s critical not only to do frequent self-inspections, but also to understand exactly what is required of you — and what your rights are — during an on-site OSHA inspection. 

So, how can you make sure you are prepared for an inspection and create a safe work environment for your employees.

Download our checklist, 8 Steps to Ace an OSHA Inspection to get started. Also, check out our collection of OSHA inspection checklist mobile forms and apps for further inspiration on how you can take your inspection reports and occupational safety processes to the next level.  


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