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7 Ways Going Paperless is Good for Your Health

By katie simpson on November 14, 2014

Getting rid of all of this can help with your health. Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc

Paperless, we hear about it as good for environment, and great for productivity. But did you know going paperless could also make you healthier? Read on to find out 7 surprising ways ditching paper can be good for your body too.

1. Stop the spread of germs

Which has more germs, a toilet bowl or a one dollar bill? Yep, that’s right, a one dollar bill. While your paperwork probably hasn’t been handled by as many people, germs can easily be passed along it. 

With flu season coming, save your employees and yourself from a company sick week: ditch the paper. Sure a smartphone or tablet can carry germs, but you can clean your phone without ruining it. Cleaning a paper form, isn’t as easy.

Going paperless will reduce germ sharing, and that’s a present everyone will enjoy this holiday season. 

2. Lower your stress level

Data entry, no one likes it, and worse, it’s bad for your health. Repetitive, consistent, and standardized tasks can lead to significant stress. This stress can actually hurt performance and lead to further errors in work, especially if there’s time constraints on the data entry.

Whether the data entry falls to you or another employee, going paperless can reduce the need for data entry. By collecting information on a smartphone or tablet with GoCanvas, all this information goes straight to the cloud. With webservices or or an excel export, you can easily add this information to your own databases as well.

Save hundreds of hours, and reduce your stress. A win for your health and your business’s bottom line. 

3. Reduce hazards of heavy objects

Filing cabinets, printers, these heavy objects, if not stabilized can fall and hurt you. Open a filing cabinet too far, and suddenly it can fall on an employee. Worse, you can get stuck between objects, say if a piece of clothing gets caught or a finger gets jammed when moving something. 

Going paperless doesn’t mean you’ll get rid of all your heavy objects. But it does mean you can:

  • Remove heavy filing cabinets, staplers, shredders
  • Reduce the number of printers, copiers, and fax machines

Clean out your shelves and you’ll not only be able to see your colleagues, but also not have to worry about anything falling on your head. 

4. Keep all ten fingers

Amputating a finger because of a piece of office equipment? It sounds ridiculous, but they happen each year in the US due to paper shredders. 

While the vast majority of these injuries are young children using shredders at home, going paperless means you won’t have paper to shred at work. Less paper, no more shredder, and no risks to any of your ten fingers.

5. Reduce potential for tripping

If you work in an office, you’re nearly 2.5 times more likely to suffer a disabling injury from falling than a non-office worker. What are some of the  common causes of office falls? Tripping over an open file drawer, or objects clogging up hallways, as well as cords tripping people. 

Ditching paper means you can remove these objects from your office. More space, fewer objects to trip up employees. With cloud storage, you don’t even have to worry about new hardware in your office. You’ll enjoy more space and walk freely through your office. 

6.  Less driving, less accidents

If you work remotely, especially field service or in other service work, paper forms can often require you to drive back and forth to the office. You have to stop by to pick up forms, or end a long day with a stop at the office. 

Extra driving isn’t just a waste of time and gas. We all know that driving is a risk, but you’re more likely to have fatal injuries from driving a car than falling, drowning, or exposure to fire or smoke. 

Going paperless, especially with a light dispatch system will keep your field workers safer. They’ll get all their job information straight on their smartphone or tablet in an easy to read format.  They won’t have to drive to and from the office, cutting down on excess driving. 

7. Fewer paper cuts

Because really, no one wants to have to deal with that. 


Going paperless won’t prevent cancer, or help you live forever. However, our Health Care & Social Services collection of mobile templates can make your work less stressful, reduce risk of injury both in the office and on the road. You’ll feel better all the while enjoying information in real time, more office space, and less work. Find the right 

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