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7 Fleet Management Concerns and What To Do About Them

By GoCanvas Team on December 19, 2022

Fleet management is a complex and ever-evolving field, and staying up to date with the latest technologies is essential to success. Here are four fleet management technologies that you should be aware of.

Top 7 Fleet Management Software Solutions

1. Fleet Management Platform

Keeping up with the latest technology is vital for any fleet business. As new features roll out, it’s important to ensure your fleet managers are taking advantage of them. GoCanvas makes this process easier by providing fleet management solutions that feature mobile apps, open APIs, and automated workflows.

2. Vehicle Maintenance Management and Tracking

Keeping fleet vehicles in top condition is of the utmost importance for fleet management businesses. GoCanvas can help fleet managers keep up with vehicle maintenance and easily track fleet activity. With an intuitive mobile app, fleet managers can access comprehensive vehicle data from any location and log hours of service with electronic logging.

3. Compliance and Fleet Safety

Safety and compliance are two of the most important fleet management concerns. GoCanvas helps fleet managers stay on top of compliance regulations and preventative maintenance with customizable fleet tracking tools tailored to meet fleet needs. Fleet managers can also use GoCanvas’s fleet maintenance apps to track maintenance schedules for each vehicle, ensuring fleet vehicles are always safe and updated with fleet regulations.

4. Driver Management

Fleet managers must also consider driver performance and driver behavior when managing fleet vehicles. GoCanvas’s fleet tracking apps can easily capture driver performance data such as fuel management, ETAS, vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, route planning, work orders, vehicle location, asset tracking, and driving behavior. This data can then be used to identify areas of improvement for drivers or the fleet.

5. Route Optimization Reporting and Analytics

Fleet managers can use fleet tracking software like GoCanvas to monitor driver safety, GPS tracking, and fleet performance in real-time. With fleet reporting and analytics tools, fleet managers can quickly identify areas of improvement, track fleet costs, and ensure fleet operations are running smoothly.

6. Inventory Management and Maintenance Costs

Fleet managers must also make sure fleet inventory is up to date and in line with fleet regulations. GoCanvas fleet tracking software can help fleet managers monitor inventory levels and pricing and comply with fleet regulations.

7. Automation

Automating fleet processes is a great way to streamline fleet operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective. GoCanvas fleet tracking software can help fleet managers automate fleet operations and processes, allowing them to focus their time on more urgent tasks and reduce downtime.

Enhance Your Fleet Management Technology with GoCanvas

Keeping up with the latest fleet management technologies is essential for fleet success. With mobile fleet management tools like GoCanvas, fleet managers can easily stay informed of regulations and trends, track fleet performance, and automate fleet operations. This will help fleet managers save time, money, and resources and ensure fleet operations stay safe and compliant. To learn more, contact us today.