7 HR Apps for Increasing Efficiency

By Nick Mirisis on February 24, 2020
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Seven Human Resources Apps Designed for Increasing HR Efficiency

Human resources professionals are often in charge of a wide variety of important internal corporate systems. With so many processes to manage, making the most of your HR time and keeping necessary documents organized is essential. Here are eight types of human resources apps that will help you increase efficiency in your HR role or department. 

Basic Job Application Mobile App

The frequency and volume of employee applications can be overwhelming for HR professionals. When shifting through piles of paper applications for prospective employees, it can be challenging to organize information and compare qualifications. The Basic Job Application app allows applicants to enter information electronically, which is then easily accessible to the HR department. This can improve your company’s hiring process as HR more quickly identifies and hires top applicants before they find jobs elsewhere.

Human Resources Apps

New Employee Checklist

Getting new employees onboarded to the company and started in their roles often falls into the human resources department. You can detail the hiring and onboarding processes in the New Employee Checklist app. Having all of the information you need in one place can help make onboarding quick and comfortable for both you and your new employee. 

Employee Handbook Template

Creating and customizing your employee handbook just got a whole lot easier with the Employee Handbook Template. Edit this handbook to meet the specific parameters of your company and distribute it with ease thanks to its mobile export options. This template app makes it easy to edit your handbook and keep information up-to-date as your company evolves. 

Employee Satisfaction Survey

A significant part of the role of HR professionals includes making sure employees are happy with their workplace, job, team, and employers as well as ensuring that they have what they need to be successful. Collecting and reviewing this information while remaining confidential can be difficult to efficiently balance. The Employee Satisfaction Survey mobile app is designed to help you measure and record the satisfaction of your employees so that you can maintain a safe and happy workspace.

Staff Performance Review Mobile App

Staff performance reviews can determine the future of your employees and influence their growth within the company. Making this process efficient while compassionately handling an employee’s future can be challenging. The Staff Performance Review mobile form can help you with each of your annual or quarterly employee reviews. This template formats reviews on a clear scale from 1 to 5. With the performance expectations already captured electronically, you will be able to spend more time focusing on your employee during your performance review. This information is formatted in a clear manner that HR professionals and staff members being reviewed can sign off on with the signature capture feature. 

Exit Interview Form Mobile App

Whether an employee quits, gets laid off, or is fired, the offboarding process is never easy for human resources. Not only do you have to record their exit interview, but you may also have to simultaneously manage the process of finding their replacement, redistributing their work, or facilitating corporate downsizing. The Exit Interview Form can ensure that everything efficiently and professionally gets recorded during an employee’s exit interview. You can tailor this mobile app to include details relevant to your company. With all of the necessary questions and fields in one place, you can ensure nothing is overlooked, even during the most stressful exit interview processes. 

Notice of Disciplinary Action

Streamlined efficiency is an easy way to make disciplinary measures during an HR violation a little easier. The Notice of Disciplinary Action app makes it simple to keep records of HR issues encountered with an employee. The app’s signature capture collects employee acknowledgment of the incident, and next steps. With the convenience of this mobile form, you can easily edit the required fields and include other information depending on the specifics of the incident and the disciplinary action taken. Related apps include:

These can be used to streamline the issuing and recording of various disciplinary measures taken by HR. 

Safety Apps for Human Resources

There is a vast selection of apps available to help HR professionals manage safety. Keeping your workplace and all of the employees inside of it safe and secure is of the highest importance. These applications can help you ensure safety while maintaining OSHA or OHS compliance with ease. The safety apps that would best serve you depend on your company’s industry, but a few popular HR safety apps include:

Each of these and other human resources applications can be edited and customized to your company’s unique needs. 

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