6 problems with mobile business apps (which will be solved on the iPhone 6)

By Jason Ganz on September 9, 2014

Wow! Apple just put on quite the show for us. With their biggest event in years, Apple dropped their plans for the future of the iPhones, mobile payment, and of course, the long awaited smartwatch. Apple needed to deliver big with this event, and it sure did.

Discussing the new photo features of the iPhone 6. Source: James Martin/CNET

For those of you who aren’t as into following the feature by feature details of the new phones, we’ve got what you really need to know – a list of the biggest problems with mobile business that are going to be solved by the new iPhone 6.

Problem – Your employees can’t type quickly enough on mobile devices to make it worthwhile to use mobile business apps.

Solution – Third Party Keyboards – Let’s face it – typing on smartphones can be a pain. For employees in the field, it’s a pain to take extensive notes with smartphones. All that is about to change as Apple is making a tweak that could allow us to double the speed at which we type words on our phones. Sound crazy? Well one popular keyboard, Swype, claims an average speed of over 40 words per minute, double the average 20 words per minute produced through standard phones.

Problem – Your employees complain that they don’t like using mobile business apps because they feel cramped on the phone’s screen.

Solution – Bigger Screen – Apple’s announcement of a 5.5 inch phablet proves that, at least for phones, size really does matter. Having a 5.5’’ screen allows opens up a number of intriguing new possibilities for business apps on phones.

Problem – You deal with sensitive information that you are not comfortable transmitting over 4g networks or public Wi-Fi

Solution – Always on VPN – With a VPN (virtual private network) it is possible to route all of your data through your personal network, which you can secure as much as you desire. However, in the past, connecting to a VPN on a mobile device has been kind of a pain, and must be manually redone time and again.

How VPNs actually work. Photo credit: Ludovic.ferre. CC 3.0

With the iPhone 6, you’ll be able to simply set up your permanent VPN system and you are all set. No more employees accidentally forgetting to connect to the VPN before sending sensitive information. No more weekly memos reminding everyone to sign in to the VPN when transmitting data. Just set up the always on VPN and you are good to go.

Problem Your employees have trouble remembering or using sufficiently secure passwords for business apps

Solution – In app fingerprint scanning – The iPhone 5 introduced a fingerprint scanner to allow users to unlock their phones. It didn’t allow you, however, to use the scanner to log into specific apps.

That all changes with the iPhone 6 – now you can have your sensitive business information locked away secure behind the fingerprint scanner. No more worries about your employee’s forgetting their passwords or getting stolen. This one is a double win for business apps – it makes using apps easier for authorized employees and makes it all but impossible for illicit parties to get access.

Problem – Your business apps aren’t effective because need to access data from several different apps at once.

Solution – Extensibility– In the past, it was difficult to get apps to “talk” to each other on your device. This means if you wanted to say, access a file that you had stored on Dropbox in a different app, or if you wanted to tweet from within an app, there was no effective way for developers to give you that power. With the new “data shifting” capabilities, it will be much easier to do that. Keeping all of your business processes integrated

Problem – Your employees miss important information because they don’t check their phones enough

SolutionThe Apple Watch­ – Having the best business apps for your employees can’t do any good if they aren’t getting necessary notifications. That’s where the Apple Watch comes in. It will beam notifications straight to your employees’ wrists. Upcoming meetings, texts and notifications of all type will go straight to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will enable a whole new level of employee connectivity.

There’s no doubt that Apple’s event today has lived up to the hype. If you are into mobile tech, then you got some info today that you’d been waiting on for years. If you aren’t, hopefully now you understand a few of the ways that the iPhone 6 is going to transform the way we live work and do business.

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