6 Forms to Use When Starting a Business

By katie simpson on September 20, 2013

You’re ready to start a business. You’ve made your business plan, figured out location, target audience, and the material and labor you’ll need. As you move forward, you need forms for a variety of purposes: to track your accounting, employees, and day to day operations. Let us show you some forms to help your business get started.

A good place for any organization to start is with accounting. Whether you are a daycare or a law office, you’ll need a few of the same basic items. Income statements are a great place to start. By detailing revenue and expenses, it shows whether or not your company made profit during a certain period.

As you start looking toward the long term, a balance sheet is another form to have. This sheet gives an overview of your company including assets, liability and stockholder’s equity. Your assets should always equal the liabilities plus the owner’s equity. This document is incredibly helpful internally, to show the health of the company, and to make the best financial decisions for your organization.

A final accounting form to consider is a cash flow worksheet. Cash flow worksheets can help you see where your money comes in from and where it goes. If you are going to look for outside investment, this document becomes crucial. It will show potential investors how you run your organization, and provide evidence for investors to trust your business management.

As you grow as a business, you will have to take on employees, and the necessary forms. To protect your business, employee confidentiality agreements are crucial. This form will ensure that your business’ private information stays private.

Avoid the confusion and tension with your workers by keeping a close eye on labor recordkeeping. This area includes a whole host of forms such as hours worked, benefits, and safety & health. An auto repair shop will have different recordkeeping needs from a hair salon. Either way, these forms will help you maintain your most valuable assets, your employees.

Finally, we can’t forget the forms you need for working day to day! This will vary not only from industry to industry, but even between businesses inside those industries. Are you a contractor for home repair and remodelling? You will need invoices and estimates daily. Are you a restaurant? Then food inventory and kitchen inspections will keep your business running smoothly.

No matter what, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. What information do I need to track? Who needs what information? How can I do it most efficiently? Paper forms have been the order of the day for years, but they don’t have to be. 

With mobile devices more powerful than ever before, you can track all of the information your business needs with mobile business apps. With features such as photo, GPS, and signature capture, as well as calculations, mobile apps can also help you gather more data quickly and accurately.

Are you interested in mobile apps for your business? Learn how GoCanvas saves organizations around the world time and money with our mobile apps. Let us show you how to leave paper forms behind for good