5 Ways Smart Enterprise Companies Can Use Mobile Apps For Business

By Jason Peck on December 16, 2013

As people spend more time with their mobile devices, enterprise businesses are putting more resources towards ensuring that they and their employees can take advantage of the mobile revolution. Below are a few examples of how smart enterprise organizations can harness the power of mobile apps for their businesses.

Improved data collection

 If you’re like many businesses, you may still be using paper and pen for your data collection. Other than being slow, inefficient, expensive and cumbersome, there’s nothing wrong with this.

Smart enterprise organizations are switching to mobile apps and forms for their business data collection. With mobile apps, you can control which fields employees must fill out (no more skipped forms), avoid misplaced or lost forms and save thousands of dollars annually.

Faster access to data

A great thing about using mobile apps for business to collect data is that the data is available instantly. Business with mobile apps no longer wait for information to arrive at the office. They don't have delays resulting from not being able to read handwriting or having to get the information in the computer first. With a mobile app, the data can be collected and stored in the cloud so it’s available to the right employees instantly

Enhanced communication

Communication with employees in the field continues to be a challenge. Sure, there’s radio, phone or email, but with mobile apps, you can push information in real-time to the right employees at the right time… and the communication can take place within the app the employees are already using for data collection. 

Better communication will help you run a tighter ship (source)

How are businesses using this? Some use dispatch to send employees a list of all the jobs they have for a given day, including location, driving directions and instructions for specific job sites. Employees don’t have to go into their email to see this, and this improved communication leads to a reduction in errors and misunderstandings.

Streamlined inspections and routine processes

Most enterprise businesses have processes and inspections that must be done on a regular basis, likely at a variety of locations. With mobile apps, information can be pre-populated into some of these forms, based on location and specific data associated with a component of an inspection. This can dramatically cut down the time it takes to complete each inspection, streamlining processes and enabling employees to focus on other tasks. Read more about how one of our clients is streamlining inspections and saving thousands of dollars each month.

Increased productivity

As you can see, mobile apps for business can greatly improve productivity for enterprise businesses.

The best part?

Your employees most likely agree! According to a 2013 study by Webalo, 98% of employees believe that mobile access to enterprise data would improve their productivity. Access to email is only part of this. Imagine if your mobile and field workforce had instant access to all company documents, customer lists, equipment specs and process guides and checklists. The uses of mobile apps for business are practically endless!

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