5 Ways Mobile Forms Can Increase Productivity For Enterprise Businesses

By Jason Peck on November 15, 2013

If you’re an enterprise business, you’re probably under constant pressure to increase your productivity.  You have shareholders to keep happy, plans to grow your revenues, roadmaps to create new products and services, and goals to expand into new markets and territories. And you’re supposed to do all this while under pressure to control costs.

Pressure image Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

There are many ways you can improve your productivity. But this can often initially mean high costs, complicated technology, getting buy-in and adoption from multiple departments, and more.

 One of the easiest and quickest ways to increase enterprise productivity is by using mobile forms. Here are a few ways mobile forms can help.

More Efficient Data Collection

Let me know if this sounds familiar. Your business collects data of some kind –surveys, inspections, work orders, invoices or something else. People fill out the paper forms and these forms sit in trucks until they get delivered back to the office. Maybe they have to get mailed back to headquarters.  The amount of time and effort this takes is staggering.

With mobile forms, your employees and partners can easily capture information on mobile devices. Assuming they have access to wifi or a data plan through their carrier, this data can be instantly available in the cloud to other employees and departments that need access to it.

More accurate data collection

“Is that a 1 or a 7?”

“Did she forget to check this box or did she really not complete the job assignment?”

“There’s a huge coffee spill on this one. I have no idea if this is $10000 if it’s $100.00 and there’s supposed to be a decimal point…

With paper forms, there are a lot of potential issues that interfere with the accuracy of your data collection. It’s easy to sidestep all these issues by switching to mobile forms. No more problems with terrible handwriting, skipped text fields, coffee stains, pet accidents and more.

Enhanced data collection

As an enterprise business, the more useful your data, the better. With mobile forms, you can collect GPS location, scan barcodes, capture photos, automatically do calculations, and more. This type of data can help you make better decisions, realize where business inefficiencies exist and make improvements.

Reduction in data entry

Even if you’re getting the right data from paper forms, you still have to spend time entering this data into computer systems so the right people can access it. This creates a huge problem for many businesses.  Employ a team to manually enter all the data? That’s a huge cost to your business. And where does this budget come from if the data is being used by multiple departments?

With mobile forms, the data you’re collecting can be accessible in real-time via online environments. This saves both a ton of money and time on data entry and gives people access to the data they need to make crucial decisions right away, rather than having to wait for it to be manually entered.

Productivity gains from new insights

Mobile forms and apps deliver massive productivity gains by unlocking new insights for enterprise companies. For example, maybe you decide to have each delivery truck record GPS data for each stop so you can plot it on a map. You realize that two of your delivery trucks are often in the same area. You could reduce costs by having one truck do the deliveries in this area. Maybe this problem is happening in hundreds of locations across the country. Having access to data that can’t be captured easily on paper can unlock huge productivity gains.

You can multiply these productivity gains when you give multiple departments access to this kind of data and insights so they can make better decisions.

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