5 Ways A Checklist App Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

By katie simpson on February 20, 2014

Business apps are everywhere. From scanning documents to taking notes, everyone promises to save you time and money, and make your professional life easier. It can be hard to know what's hype and what's real. 

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If you use checklists in your work, then going to a mobile app could save you thousands of dollars. Here's how:

1. Faster Checklists

Whether it's a hotel room inspection or an equipment checklist, it takes time to fill out the form. First, you need the right form. Then, you have to fill it out, often by hand. If it includes any text boxes, then that includes writing, ratings, and even calculating the total rating. 

In the end, filling out some checklists on paper take extra time. By going to a mobile app, you can save your workers time from filling out forms. If your company has just three workers each saving 30 minutes a week, that adds up to an hour and half a week. In one year? That's over 75 hours. If your workers are paid $20 an hour, you've just saved $1,500 in one year. 

2. No More Data Entry

Part of the process with paper checklist is data entry. Your mobile worker fills out the form in the field, brings it back to the office. Then, they or an office worker fill it out a second time. This costs you time spent on a repeated task.

Worst, this task costs you thousands of dollars a year. If the same three workers each spend two hours a week on data entry, that six hours of their total time lost. At $20 an hour, that's $120 a week, or $6,000 a year. Some companies have staff members who's only job is to enter data. This can cost a company upwards of $30,000 dollars a year to maintain and enter data. 

Mobile apps remove the need for redundant data entry. By filling out a checklist app, the submission goes straight to the cloud. There, you can integrate into your own systems quickly with a csv or xml file. This transforms a process that once took you hours, into minutes. 

3. Faster Search

How much time do you spend looking for wayward checklists? US managers spend, on average, 4 weeks a year searching for forms. If you're manager is paid $35 an hour, that's an additional $1,120 you've lost in time wasted searching for forms.  

But don't forget, your workers also spend time looking for information. On average, they spend 18 minutes searching for a lost document. If the three field workers each look for about one document, that's another $20 a week you've lost. In one year, their search costs your business $1,000. In total? You're spending $2,120 dollars just to search for information. 

Switching to a checklist app will save your managers and field workers a vast amount of time. Every submission is searchable in the cloud. You can make it faster by naming submissions after field entries, such as date, location, or even a customer's name.

Out in the field you can make it easier for your field workers by harnessing your own information in their checklists. You can pre-populate forms with your own data. That way, your workers aren't spending time looking up the information, it's already there on their phones. 

4. Stop the Form Loss

How many checklist forms have you lost? It happens to every business. A form gets caught by the wind and blows away. It seems to disappear in the trip between the site and the office. Worse, paper forms have a fatal attraction to coffee. These fragile creatures have a way of letting us down. 

How much do you think it costs you? Every document lost can cost between $350-$700, or an average of $550. If you only lose 5 checklists a year at the cost of $550 per form, you have lost another $2,750 dollars. 

Switching to a checklist app will protect from this data loss. Every submission is safe in the cloud from the vagaries of life. In addition, you can protect smartphones and tablets in great cases such as Otterbox.

5. Costly Storage

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Do you hold onto those paper checklists afterwards? If you do, you know that it requires space in your office. If you have just one four drawer filing cabinet, that's costing you $1,500 a year. With that amount of money you could buy a new piece of equipment, such as a new computer. 

Moving to a checklist app will not only free up your space but also your storage. With your subscription, you have unlimited cloud storage of your forms. They are available to you at any time. Just imagine: you can free up space in your office and reduce your costs. 

An Investment in Savings

Yes collecting data on mobile apps does cost some money. GoCanvas, for instance costs each year $210 per user. With three workers, you would spend $630 a year. However, the cost of collecting data on paper based on these estimates is $13,870. A mobile checklist app will cost you just 4.5% of your costs with paper.