How to Make the Most of a Short Month

By Nick Mirisis on March 12, 2020
Tags: Data Collection

5 Tips to Improving Your Company’s Efficiency

Amid the short month of February, you might have been forced to work late, crunch your schedule, or fall behind on your usual productivity levels. Even with the extra leap year day, now might be the time to consider new methods of saving company time. Here are five ways you can make the most of a short month with mobile forms. 

Improve Organization

Keeping your business organized is key to surviving a short month or managing any time-sensitive corporate matters. A mobile forms platform lets you arrange your data, insights, processes, and information into easy-to-read, go-anywhere documents. 

Long gone are the days of sifting through filing cabinets filled with thousands of forms. With mobile forms, your data is organized into a searchable database. Use the Search Tool to find the documents you need in seconds and enjoy the peace of mind that the rest are safely stored in the Cloud. With all of your documents neatly stored and easily accessible, you will never miss a beat when taking on shorter months. 

Streamline Internal Processes

Paper processes create a lull in employee communication that mobile form solutions have overcome. Features like Workflow let you seamlessly pass documents from one employee to another for signatures, approval, information sharing, or collaboration. 

This can save your employees a significant amount of time when sharing insight and sending documents between employees in the field, those working remotely, and those in the office. However, even when used for smaller submissions, the time saved by this process improvement adds up when multiplied over several employees and longer periods of time. 

Instant Data Processing, Reporting, and Visualization

You are collecting internal data every time a customer fills out one of your documents or submits one of your forms. In the past, understanding these insights required valuable company hours to evaluate and understand. Mobile forms can register this information and use it to evaluate your internal processes through offerings like Analytics and Business Insights. 

Analytics synthesizes the data your company collects, allowing you to keep real-time eyes on your performance at the click of a button. Visualize this data through clear, succinct reports that this platform generates seamlessly. 

Business Insights lets you organize and share your data using custom dashboards. These features will help you instantaneously understand your company’s performance, saving you time on manual reports and long meetings. 

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Eliminate Unnecessary Errors

Errors can create time-consuming confusion and needed corrections. Automatic calculations can crunch the numbers for you, and mobile form entering helps you avoid common oversights. You can also eliminate legibility issues within your records and documents with mobile forms. 

Upgrade your Internal Tools

With the latest in emerging technology readily available for businesses, the best way to make the most of a short month is by giving your employees the right tools. Efficiency-enhancing tools are widely available when using an advanced mobile forms platform like GoCanvas. Convenient mobile forms integrations, next-level features, and other platform perks can help you stay ahead of the competition. For example, you can capture mobile payments on the go for quick financial processes and reduce the need to key data into back-end systems.

The Goal: Increase Your Company’s Efficiency

Comprehensively, all of these practices are designed to help your business increase efficiency. This not only saves you time, but it can also help you save money on your overhead costs. Cerveza Patagonia, for example, uses mobile forms to save more than $98,000 in Annual Productivity. If you want to know how much time and money your business could save by switching to mobile forms, use our ROI calculator for insight. 

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