5 Things You Need to Know About Using Barcodes with Mobile Forms

By keith bateman on October 10, 2016

Barcode scanning with Canvas      Barcode scanning with Canvas

Whether it be in the Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Inspection, or other industries that still use barcodes, many companies consistently feel like there are no suitable mobile form solutions available for them. Many believe that they can’t get features like barcode scanning, photos taking, and signature capture in one easy to use mobile platform.

But the truth is that you can, and hundreds of companies realize this every day when they signup for GoCanvas. Below we will debunk and reveal the top 5 misconceptions about barcode scanning technology with mobile forms.

The Truth About GoCanvas Mobile Forms & Barcode Scanning

  1. GoCanvas not only scans barcodes but QR codes as well – Many businesses are turning to the funky looking QR graphics in order to embed more information into a compact space. The great thing about QR codes is that they can be easily created for free online from sites like http://www.qr-code-generator.com/ and be filled with tons of great information like addresses, serial numbers, item descriptions, and more.
  2. Scanning one barcode can automatically fill out multiple form fields – The great thing about Canvas’ barcode scanning functionality is that it works seamlessly with Reference Data. What this means is that you can upload an Excel list of SKUs or barcodes that you have in your company database right into your GoCanvas mobile form. Now when you scan a code using GoCanvas it will auto-complete the fields associated with that barcode. This can save you an average of 3 – 4 minutes per item, and 1-2 hours per day. This can lead to huge productivity savings by reducing manual item entry.
  3. You don’t need any additional external hardware – One of the biggest benefits of transitioning to mobile forms from paper is that you get to leverage the power of your existing mobile device and the tools that come with it. GoCanvas utilizes the auto-focus camera of your smartphone or tablet to allow you to scan barcodes without having to invest in an expensive portable scanner. This not only saves you a ton of money from not having to buy additional hardware, but it also simplifies the process by having all scanned information be automatically placed into your GoCanvas mobile forms without any manual duplication.
  4.  Barcode scanning with mobile forms doesn’t take an IT genius – With Canvas’ drag and drop, no code form builder you are able to easily setup any of your mobile form processes with the ability to scan barcodes in just minutes. Whether you need to scan one or two items, or need to scan a warehouse of hundreds, you can customize your mobile forms to easily accommodate your data collection needs without the help of your IT team.
  5.  Barcode scanning doesn’t have to be expensive – Barcode scanning is built into the basic functionality of GoCanvas. With a mobile platform, you are saving the expense of having to invest in high-priced external scanners ($200+) that may or may not integrate into your internal systems(more $$). With GoCanvas you can simply leverage the smartphones and tablets that you already have and start scanning & collecting information that is automatically stored in a secure coud database for you. GoCanvas gives you the tools to collect, share, and learn from you data in one platform without having to buy expensive external tools or add-ons.

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