5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Data Collection App

By Nick Mirisis on November 12, 2019

Finding the Right Mobile Data Collection App

Mobile data collection can revolutionize your business model and advance your information processing to new heights. With access to the data you need to adequately inform your internal and external practices, there is no limit to what your business can do with the support of mobile data collection. However, finding the right data collection app is not always easy. Here are five considerations that will help you select the right data collection app. 


The partnership between data collection and data analytics offers the complete package you need toacquire data-driven insights. The data-fueled benefits for your business are stunted when you do not have the tools you need to understand and act on the information it provides. Partnering with a data collection app that has internal analytic capabilities will help you turn your data into actionable insights. With the help of analytics, you can spot trends in your business, create alerts for negative trends or outliers, and run your business on data-driven decisions vs. hunches or anecdotal evidence. 

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Does the data collection app you are considering offer templates that align with your specific business needs? This can help you save time on building out new forms, and gives you a starting point. From there, you should be able to customize and adapt the templates. Check out these pre-built templates for an idea of how data collection templates might serve your industry:

This is just a brief look into how a mobile application (and the templates it encompasses) can benefit your company’s data collection processes. 

Custom Capabilities

Beyond the extent of templates, your data collection app should be able to expand in scope and offer the ability to customize it – on your own – without needing to know coding. This capability allows you to tailor data input fields in order to capture the information that is more relevant to your business. There is no limit to what your business can do with dynamic, custom capabilities in a data collection application.

Ease of Use

With a mobile data collection app, you can access your company’s data from almost anywhere. However, this accessibility is only beneficial if the app is easy for you and your workers to adopt and use. Partner with a system that has an intuitive configuration, attentive customer support, and an abundant amount of resources for you to use. An easy-to-use system will also make it less painful to get workers and staff to embrace the new technology.  

Advanced Features

Highly advanced features within your data collection app can widen the scope of data you can collect. With mobile data collection, you can access features such as dispatch, workflow, image capture, signature capture, mobile payments and more. 

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