5 Reasons You Need to Start Using Mobile Inspections

By dan stevens on April 23, 2014

Mobile apps are taking business by storm, but there are certain areas where a mobile strategy can provide a much greater return. An area often overlooked? Inspections. Car rental, real estate, construction, manufacturing, are just some of the many ways industries use inspections.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can gain huge benefits by using a mobile inspection. There are 5 simple reasons why this is:

1. Standardization: 

Even Darth Vader relies on inspections. Photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc 

Not all your staff are from the same “era” sale we say. Some fill out a form one way, while another provides the same answer in different terms. For your admin this can cause confusion and weakens your record keeping. With drop down fields within a mobile inspection your employees choose from a list of answers. So your business receives consistent output.

2. Quality

Auto field completion, GPS location capture, image capture and calculations, are just some of the things your paper form can’t do. These features allow you to capture more accurate information and expanded information. The better data you collect, the more accurate your analysis.

3. Compliance

Most industries have internal policies and procedures, or even external regulations imposed upon them. Worker safety, and environmental protocols are just some of the areas requiring inspections.

Whether you’re in construction or waste management, compliance is huge. Photo credit: gregor_y via photopin cc

Mobile apps make this easy with required fields that guarantee forms are completely properly, and in their entirety. Location and time and date stamps also validate that your inspections happened when and where you say they did. Features such as these make sure that forms are completed to comply with all means of compliance.

4. Speed

Imagine: faster inspections, and no more data entry. You can get that with mobile inspections. Instead of printing forms, manually completing them, commuting back to the office, reentering data, and filling the hard copy why not make it a one step process.

With mobile apps, the field staff can fill out the form and have it automatically integrated into your back end system. The information becomes available to the company in real time. Not only do inspections become faster, but also data availability.

5. Flexibility

No form lasts forever. How many old and outdated forms do you have lying around? 100’s? 1000’s? Today they’re sitting in storage, useful for stuffing boxes and little else.

With mobile inspections, you can edit it as often as you like. You can send your updates to employees immediately. A change that once took days or weeks can now be done in minutes. You can quickly accommodate new compliance regulations, the addition of new products lines or even a complete overhaul of your inspection process.

Everywhere you look there are inspections. Some companies conduct inspections on 100’s of products and could complete 1000’s of inspections a day.  A form that can’t move at the pace of your business is costing you not only time, but money.

Take back control of your mobile inspections.