5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Business Apps to Save Time and Money

By nick linsmaye on November 7, 2013

Our phones may have changed since the seventies, but many businesses haven’t changed the way they collect data. As a busy business, we understand that change isn’t easy. Here are five reasons to make the change:

1.  Save Money, Lots of it.

Not only do business apps save you from spending an arm and a leg a to buy paper, toner. They also save you money by preventing everyday errors, like forgetting to fill out a form at a jobsite, illegible handwriting or  losing a form.

Bottom line: the average GoCanvas subscriber saves more than $3,800 per year!

2. Apps Fitting your Every Need

Anything you can do with paper forms, you can do with mobile apps—only better. Data collection methods ranging from checkboxes to fill-in-the-blank, and even drop-down menus—all with no potential for sloppy customer handwriting to invalidate the data.

Whether you’re a construction foreman, or a doctor, apps can make your life easier. You can also customize apps to your company’s specific needs. Plus you can do even more than before. Take pictures, capture your location using GPS, read barcodes, and even pay with your credit card. Let’s see paper try that!

Paper vs. iPad, which would you choose?

3. Goodbye Filing Cabinets, Hello Cloud

File cabinets? Stay where you belong: in the past. Stop the headaches from sorting files; End the time lost in searching through records for customer information. When your data is in the cloud, finding documents happens in seconds, not hours.

4. Prevent Errors and Improve your Customers’ Satisfaction

Ever had to resubmit paperwork to customers, suppliers or partners? Have you ever had to print out paperwork, fill it out, scan it, and then email it? I’m tired just thinking about it.

Business apps prevent all these unnecessary processes that drive both you and your customers crazy.

5. Transform your company into a lean mean competitive machine.

The time is right to embrace business apps. Today, you have to compete in a global marketplace, and business apps will equip you to be as competitive possible. That’s why everyone from sole proprietorships to multi-billion dollar corporations count on business business apps everyday.

Embrace the future, embrace seamless data mastery, and embrace apps for your business.