5 Reasons Why Construction Companies are Choosing Mobile Forms Over Paper in 2017 [Slideshare]

By keith bateman on April 7, 2017

The Elimination of Paper Forms in Construction

Every day a new construction company signs up for GoCanvas and takes the first step in improving their bottom line. Companies big and small are reducing the time they spend collecting, storing, and analyzing timesheets, safety logs, work orders, inspections, and more by implementing mobile forms that instantly do the work for them. 

From private to residential construction, from contractors to inspectors, everyone involved in the industry is looking for an edge and gain more margin on each project. A great example of this is a large regional home builder who increased sales by over $1 million dollars in just 12 months of using GoCanvas. 

Read our report on why construction companies are choosing GoCanvas to help them increase their productivity and reduce their dependency on paper. 

Burning Paper