5 Reasons to Choose GoCanvas for Business Apps for the iPad

By andrew cantle on December 20, 2013

Our CEO has huge hands. They’re ridiculous. He can hold an iPad in one hand without breaking a sweat. Me, I’m just a regular-sized human being, so iPads are a two-handed exercise for me.

That’s why I’ve recently fallen in love with the Mini. Fits beautifully in one hand so I can tap merrily away with the other. The perfect marriage of technology and flesh. What do I use it for? Apps of course. Perfectly formed, wonderfully simple, data collecting apps built. Now I do happen to be a member of the GoCanvas team, but I firmly believe I’d be using GoCanvas apps in any business I worked in now. And here’s why:

1. Simplicity

 If I can build GoCanvas apps, anyone can. They’re not for developers or IT nerds. You don’t need to know any coding or html. Regular folk can jump online and build an app in mere minutes, publishing it straight to the iPad to use.


2. Speed

It is a quantum leap forward for efficiency when you start collecting data on iPads. Tick boxes, photo grabs, dropdown menus are just a few ways to help make your work go faster. Demmer saved 300 hours in just one year with Canvas. How much could you be saving? Whether you’re in retail or construction, a wealth of functions team up to make your working life way more efficient.


3. Security

When you’ve filled in your app (be it a timesheet, work-order, inspection form, invoice etc.) you submit it at the tap of a button. All your valuable data is stored securely in the Cloud for you to check out whenever you need it.

It may be in the cloud, but it’s still on lockdown. With GoCanvas, our data goes through three stages of encryption. We even provide options for more security. Your app can be HIPAA compliant, including auto-log offs and disabling auto-email capability. We make data easy to use, not easy to lose. 

Our security is more than a couple barbs (source)

4. Smarts

You don’t have to play with GoCanvas for too long before you discover some clever stuff under the hood. Pre-populating forms, linking into backend systems, conditional branching, exporting data are all possible with GoCanvas. These features aren’t just about easy and fast data collection, but seamless use of the data. 

Plus: We’re constantly working to provide a better experience. As you grow, so are we. 


5. Smooth

GoCanvas works great on iPads. Tap, swipe, draw, sign. Your finger glides effortlessly around the screen. We’ve even created grid functionality specifically for tablet users. before you know it, you’ve filled in your form and can get on with your day.  

So there you have it, my love affair with GoCanvas and iPads covered off in 5 little S’s. Not bad for a man with boring, standard hands.

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