5 Painful Moments Workflow Cures

By katie simpson on February 9, 2015

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We’re excited to announce a new feature out of beta! Workflow is a powerful tool in mobile apps that can help streamline your processes even more. Now, multiple people can work on the same submission.

Can it help your business? If you’ve experienced one of these five painful moments then workflow could be the solution for you. 

1. Waiting Hours or Days for Approval

In some industries, your forms need to signed off on for approval. This technicality can leave you waiting around. For instance, if you’re in construction, you don’t want to wait half an hour to find your foreman just to get his sign off on your pre-start inspection.

Going with Canvas’ workflow, your foreman or supervisor will get notified immediately on their smartphone or tablet. They can give it a quick look over, sign it, and let you keep on working 

Workflow can streamline your process and save you from endless waiting. 

2. When Form Hand Offs Fail

The usual issues that happen with paper inspections become even more likely with multiple stages. Dirt, coffee, the backs of trucks. With various people, often over multiple days, it’s easy to lose these forms or have parts missing, weakening your information and putting your business at risk 

By going with workflow, you can ensure that multipart inspections are safe. Each section is immediately saved and passed in the cloud. Whoever gets the next section is notified on their smartphone or tablet, ensuring that the form doesn’t get lost or unseen. 

No more worries about missing parts, no more forms disappearing, just complete and available information. 

3. Performance Reviews

Sometimes you need a document that multiple people work on, but not everyone sees. Is it filled out right? Can you be sure it’s confidential? 

By going with workflow, you can have multiple people work on it, without breaching confidentiality. 

For instance, one oil and gas customer uses it for their driver evaluations. The initial reviewer fills out their review while on the road with the driver. The submission is then sent to their HR department for actionable items such as promotion, no action, or reprimand.

From vastly different locations, this company receives clear information quickly and easily to make performance reviews faster.

4. Multiple Person Dispatch

Dispatches have always been cumbersome. Sending information to people the field with paper often slows down processes. 

While light dispatch is great in sending information to one person, you can’t pass on that submission to a second or a third person afterward. That’s now possible with workflow

For instance, one regional transportation company now uses workflow for their dispatches. A request comes into their central hotline, where they build the first part of the form. Then, they pass off the submission to a regional manager. The regional manager then approves the submission, and knowing the location of their drivers, sends the dispatch to the appropriate driver. 

Finally, the driver finishes the form, and it’s automatically saved and sent to the office. A process that was once a logistical nightmare has become seamless, easy, and fast. 

5. Confusing Rejections

Sometimes, things don’t go right. Perhaps the site isn’t safe for starting work. Maybe the safety inspection isn’t up to par. With submissions that required oversight, it has been a pain to get approval. And on paper forms, you’d have to find your supervisor to either get the form signed or rejected. Even then, it wasn’t always clear why a form was rejected. 

Even on a mobile app, it was painful. The supervisor would have to log into GoCanvas online, read the submission, and then contact the employee about the issue. It was time consuming and full of hurdles.

With workflow, the supervisor can now accept or reject a submission. If they reject it, they can fill in notes about why the submission was rejected and allow the employee to fill it out again.

A process that was once cumbersome both on mobile and paper is now faster and clearer than before. 


Workflow is a powerful new feature that can help you collect and share information in faster and easier ways than ever before. If you have a process that has different stages and needs multiple users, workflow can be a solution that jump starts your productivity and removes huge hurdles from your work day. 

Contact us to find out how Workflow can help streamline your business